Home again :(

I am now back in england, safe and sound, despite my 12 hour flight delay!

It’s very depressing being back as its so bloody cold and its getting dark at a 5pm! I also took a look at my check list today to discover I have absolutely nothing else that I can check off of it, if anything I have more to add to it, which is never a good thing!! However I have had some good news! After sending a few emails I have discovered that my visa for Vietnam is actually quite a lot cheaper than I originally thought. Saving money where ever possible is my main priority at the moment so this put a smile on my face, even if only for a brief moment! My savings account currently stands at just over 4k which isn’t too bad, of course I would like it to be more, but im getting there. The aim is to try to have as much as possible obviously, but between 6 and 7k as a minimum, which at this rate I think is possible. This month however is quite a busy one and I have quite a few things I have to pay for and sort out, which does mean my usual savings amount has dipped significantly!

I’m in the process of researching different cash cards to take away as ive heard these are the best ways to take large sums on money, but they are so damn confusing!! Trying to compare exchange rates along with fixed and unfixed percentages is making me go insane! 

67days and counting!


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