Day 1 in aus!

So we made it here safe and sound, and without killing each other on the 24 hour journey, which I’m pretty impressed by!! We arrived pretty late and had to try and figure out which train to get to find our hostel, not the funniest experience when we were both exhausted and carrying very heavy bags, of which charlie had already broken and managed to cut his back before we had even left the airport!

We found our hostel eventually an played musical beds for about half an hour as there is no clear way of knowing who is sleeping where! When we eventually found our beds, on opposite sides of the room to each other we pretty much passed out!

Charlie woke up the next day at a delightful 6:45am (how I love jet lag!) and could think of nothing better to do than wake me up!! Not best please!! We then both got ready and headed out to begin exploring!! Suffice to say the showers here are actually pretty nice!!

We headed straight down to darling harbour for some brunch where we then found a hop on hop off bus tour which we thought was prob a good ideal as we had no real plans for the day. It turned out to be a really goo idea as the bus took us to pretty much every touristy place in Sydney you would want to go to! We saw the bridge, the opera house, the rocks, centre quay, the botanical gardens, George street which is kind of like Oxford street in the uk, it even had a topshop/topman which charlie was very surprised by!!

We then headed back to the hostel to get changed for dinner and got chatting to some of our room mates. There’s a very entertaining Irish guy called Aiden and a lovey Canadian couple called jackie and adam. We were really surprised to find out they were all around 29/30! I think we were just assuming everyone would be around the same age as us or younger!! We discovered that jackie and adam have just arrived from new Zealand so we were picking their brains about that for a while and also found out we are all going to be in Thailand at the same time so agreed we should all try and meet up!

After we finished making fwiends we headed out for dinner. Now I must admit my intentions were all good! I had read in one of our guide books that surrey hills was great for food and had loads of little cafes and restaurants so I figured we should try there. However I didn’t really have a set place in mind so I figured if we just headed in the right direction we’d be fine. We ended up walking around for about 45mins up some really steep hill, finding some crazy house party that we got invited to, until we eventually stumbled upon what was basically the Australian version of GBK but better! We ate and then trekked it all the way back again!

Tomorrow the plan is to head down to Bondi and check out the beach!


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