Mooloolaba joys

So since the last time I updated you all charlie and I have had a few eventful days!!

We caught our flight from Sydney to Brisbane and ran through the airport hoping to catch the last bus up to where we were staying in the sunshine coast. We got out to discover that there wasn’t a 10:30 service, very helpful, so we then thought we would just try and see how much a cab would be, after being told it would cost us a mere $280 we decided against it, all the trains had finished for the night and to rent a car would cost us more in underage fees than the actual car it’s self! So charlie came up with the great idea of just sleeping in the airport until the next bus at 6am. Now any of you that know me will know how well that suggestion went down, but after finding out the cost of getting a cab and paying for a hostel I reluctantly agreed.

After a sleepless night charlie and I managed to catch the 7:30 bus and arrived at our hostel, mooloolaba backpackers at about 9. We were then told there was a boat party on that left at 11:30 and was only $10 each so we decided we should give it a go.





We had a great time on the boat and gave us a chance to make more fwiends!! The people here are all really lovely and most of them have been here quite a while so they could all give us good tips on what to do and where to go!

Directly opposite the hostel there is a bowls club so when we got back from the boat we headed over there for cheap beer and a cheap meal!!

For those of you that know today was THE day!! And it all went really well surprisingly!! I don’t want to talk too much about it here but most of you have received private massages on Facebook so have a look. We are all going out for dinner tomorrow night so that kind of says just how well it went!

Tomorrow we are going paddlebording in a jelly fish infested lake so that souls be interesting!! Wish me luck!!


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