So we went paddle bording, and was great fun, amazingly enough I didn’t fall in, can’t say the same for charlie though, after about 2mins he managed to stand up, got cocky and fell in!!! Unfortunately we couldn’t get any pics as we were both too scared we’d fall in and break our phones!! Only saw 1 jellyfish thank god so no one had to pee on each other!!
Didn’t do too much for the rest of the day just chilled by the pool until it started raining!

The next day it poured all day and has been since then!! So as there wasn’t a huge amount we could do we went to the cinema as charlie was desperate to go and see djoango, I wasn’t best pleased as this is now the second time we have been to the cinema since we got here but to be fair there wasn’t a lot else we could do!

Today despite the rain we still headed to Australia zoo and had the best day!! The rain meant the place was pretty empty so we got great seats for all the shows and didn’t have to cue long to have our picture taken with the koala bears!!





As you can see we had loads of fun!! Saw all the animals fed most of them including the elephants, getting in some practise before we get to Asia! We also saw a great tiger show, the feeding of the otters, a crocodile show, a birds of prey show, pretty much every show you could think of really!! Charlie has quite clearly stated that today was his “best day ever!”

Tomorrow we head back down to Sydney, which consistently is also Australia day, so a bit of a shame that we will be spending most of it in the airport, but hey, what can you do! Then on Sunday we start our 16day tour which we are both ecstatic about!!


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