A stressful start

So we had to be up early to go and catch our flight to Fiji. We had done pretty much all our packing the night before so it was just a case of putting our pj’s and wash stuff in our bags. With 10mins to go before we needed to leave to catch our train, the zip on my bag decided to break AGAIN! Those of you that know me well can imagine how this scene played out between charlie and I!! Let’s just say there were lots of whispered swear words due to everyone else in our dorm still being asleep!! We managed to fix it, just, but we’re now running a good 15mins late. It’s safe to say I was VERY stressed!!

Luckily as we ran into the train station there was a train ready and waiting to leave that we managed to jump on and made it to the airport in time!!

The flight was only supposed to be 3hours from Brisbane into Nadi but just before we were due to start our decent the captain told us that there was a big thunder storm over Nadi so we would have to circle for a while to see if it cleared otherwise we would have to land in Suva instead. After half an hour or so that captain said the weather was still to bad for us to land so we had to detour to Suva and wait for the conditions to improve.

We landed in Suva and there were a few people of our flight who were actually supposed to be getting connecting flights to Suva so to be able to let them off we all had to get off, get all the luggage off and then re-check in again on to the same plane. But first we had to wait for the imaginations officer to arrive as he was at home having dinner (or so we were told!) but he only lived 10mins away!

Once we were all back on the plane again and able to leave the flight from Suva to Nadi didn’t even take half an hour, by the time the seat belt signs were off they were back on again!! And this time we managed to land safe and sound.

We then got picked up by our awesome adventures guide and taken to smugglers cove where we were staying before getting up super early to catch the boat to our first island. As we had been delayed for quite some time on the plane charlie and I just grabbed some dinner and went to bed.

A very uneventful day I know!


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