Bare Foot and more rain!!

We also managed to convince our new friend Harry to come and join us with Paige and Casey on bare foot island so we had another nice group for the next island!

We arrived early afternoon and after being given a guided tour of our little resort were again shown to our “room”! I say “room” because it was more like a tent with a roof! It had a proper roof with a fan attached to it and the room it’s self had lights and electric sockets, but the walls and the doors of the room were more like a tent. You had to zip your self in and out of it and pull the flaps down at night like curtains! It was very cool!! What I would imagine glamping to be like!

We got settled and then headed down to the dive shop to find out what activities we could do. As it was around 4pm already we decided we would leave the proper activities to tomorrow and just grab some snorkel gear for now. We headed over to one of the 3 beaches bare foot had called sunset beach and tried but failed miserably to go for a snorkel! The tide was really low and it meant the coral was a mere millimetres from your stomach when trying to swim, which is dangerous for us and the coral. So we got out and tried clambering over some rocks to see if the water was any deeper that side. After sending poor Harry in to investigate he told us it was the same and so we gave up on the idea for that day, plus it was happy hour!!

We sat and had a couple of cocktails as the sun went down at the beach bar which was beautiful before having dinner. The food at bare foot was a bit more basic and was much smaller portions so we were a little disappointed. Once we had finished it was time for crab racing!! Charlie picked a great crab, or so we thought, so Casey picked him up to bring him over to our table, during the short trip the crab got a little exciting and tried to grab Casey, at which point she screamed and dropped him on his head! After some clear brain damage unfortunately he didn’t win, he didn’t even come close!! As we were getting over the disappointment of our rubbish crab it started to rain so we all ran back to our room and watched a movie before bed.

The next day we were up bright and early for breakfast and then headed straight out on a snorkel safari. They took us quite far out this time and was a little more professional compared to the free one on coral view, but bare foot is a marine park and they have a marine biologist on site so you would expect it to be. We again went to 2 different spots and this time the second was much better. We saw tones of coral and fish and had a lovely time.

We got back and had lunch and then Paige and Casey decided to go for a nap so charlie, Harry and I decided to go and rent out some kayaks for the afternoon. We paddled about for a while and the boys got in and did some more snorkelling while I held on to the kayaks. After a while I got a little bored so I left them too it and went back to get ready for dinner.

It started to pour AGAIN just before dinner so we had to eat inside instead. After dinner the staff were putting on another carva ceremony but this time I managed to get out of it!! After hearing some really interesting stories about how the Fijian people used to be we all decided to get an early night.

The next day Harry, Casey and Paige were due to be leaving the island in the afternoon but charlie and I had decided to stay another night. And it was a good thing we had!! It poured all day long, and I don’t just mean a light drizzle, it was full on tropical rain storms! So we spent the majority of the day in our room playing monopoly!! After lunch our new fwiends were due to leave us, but there had been some problems with the boat. They were told the boat wouldn’t be arriving for another couple of hours. So we all chilled out in the main hall where we have dinner and played cards and chatted, as it was still raining.

A few hours passed and this time when they asked where the boat was they were told that actually they had lost contact with it so they didn’t know when it would be arriving now. By this point people were starting to get a little frustrated so we all went back to our room and played MORE monopoly! It was now nearly dinner time so we all ran back to the main hall to try and get an update on the boat. This time we were told that the boat had left the harbour, but had broken down at sea and the boat that had gone to try and fix it had also broken down! Everyone was pretty pissed off as they had lost a whole day being stuck on an island because of boat problems! Eventually the boat turned up 7hours late, so we said good bye to our friends and as it was STILL raining we went and watched another movie in bed.

We woke up to more rain and got packed before checking out of our room. Our boat luckily was on time and we left before lunch to go to safe landing.









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