Charlie’s birthday and Coral View

The next morning was Charlie’s birthday!! We had to be up at 6:30 to grab some breakfast before heading to the port to catch the boat. Once we arrived we had to check in, a bit like at the airport and get tags for our bags so they got taken off at the right island! We had decided that it made sense for us to go to the top of the group of islands we were visiting (called the yasawas) and then make our way back down over the 2weeks. However this did mean doing a 5hour journey on the boat to begin with.

As it was Charlie’s birthday I wanted to try and surprise him by booking us into the captains lounge on the boat. You get unlimited free alcohol and snacks in there as well as it being air conditioned, has nicer seats and big flat screen tv’s as well as your own personal waitress. It meant our 5hour trip was much nicer and charlie could drink as much as he liked, what more could he want on his birthday! We also made friends with a kiwi couple called Paige and Casey who were headed to the top of the islands too but not the same one as us, but we arranged to meet them back on the boat in a couple of days!

The island we were headed to was called coral view, and was really lovely. As soon as you arrive they great you on the beach with there welcome song and a cocktail. We then had lunch, which was buffet style but beautiful and fresh before being shown to our room. After a quick afternoon nap we decided to get into island living by just sitting in a hammock and reading our books for a couple of hours…….pure bliss!!

That night was a tradition Fiji themed night and so our dinner had been cooked in a tradition smoking hole. This is where they dig a large hole in the ground and line it with hot coals. They then place whatever it is they are cooking, in our case chicken and pork, into the hole on top of the coals and cover the hole with big palm leaves. It was very interesting to see, but I wouldn’t say it was my favourite meal that we had!!

To top of the evening, the staff also put on a special dance show for us, performing a variety of different Fijian dances. I made them all aware it was Charlie’s birthday so he got a few free beers from the staff and an extra special dance!! I will post the video so you can all see it (on Facebook)! It was amazing!! Once we had finished eating and watching the show we all chilled out on the terrace and had some drinks with everyone. We made a really nice group of friends on the island and it was nice because there weren’t too many people there so we all got to know each other pretty well.

After a while we noticed some of the staff sat around a big bowl so we went over and asked what they were up to. We discovered they were drinking carva which is fiji’s version of alcohol. They do have normal alcohol too but this is a special drink which is made from the root of a plant and they drink it to get drunk. Only it’s not what most people would think of when you get drunk. It doesn’t have the same effect on you as normal alcohol, but it’s hard to explain. So everyone sat around and tried some and it was VILE!! It tasted like mud water and was really disgusting!! So I swiftly declined the next cup and went and sat back down!! We carried on drinking and had a really nice chilled evening. I think it’s safe to say charlie had a memorable birthday!!

The next day the organisers were offering a free snorkelling strip so as charlie has decided this is his new fav hobby he jumped at the chance! We headed out on a little speed boat a stopped at a couple of spots, both we fantastic!! The water was crystal clear and so warm! At the second stop we all got out at a beach and there was slightly less to see there. While we were there the weather took a turn for the worse too and started to rain. Once we headed back it cleared up though and was lovely and sunny so I decided to top up my tan while charlie had a nap.

After more snoozing in hammocks and reading we had dinner and were supposed to be having a fire dancing show that evening but as the rain had started again we weren’t able to, so instead they put on a film for us on the big projector and we all watched it while hearing the rain pouring around us outside.

The next day we had to check out in the morning and didn’t get up to much as we had to be on the boat at lunch time. As we left the staff sang us there fair well song this time.

Once we were back on the boat we met back up with Paige and Casey and decided to go with them to bare foot island next as we weren’t able to stay at long beach as we had wanted to.








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