Safe Landing

We decided to go to safe landing mainly because all our food was included there and we were getting a little worried about the budget. We hadn’t heard much about it but decided to give it go!

We arrived on the island with only us and another 2 girls to discover it was only us staying in the whole resort! We were very surprised as all the other resorts we had stayed on there was at least another 20 or so people, most of the time lots more! But we figured we would use our time here to just be even more chilled out than before!

We had our lunch which was very good, and a much better portion than what we had been having on bare foot, and then were told the damming news! As they were a fairly small resort, they turned off their generator which controls everyone’s electricity at 10pm for the whole night and isn’t switched back on until 11am, it’s then back off again between 3 and 5pm, basically meaning that it’s lights out at 10 and you would have no air con or fan to keep you cool. Charlie wasn’t impressed! For him it was still warm even with a fan or air con on at night, let alone having nothing at all!

As he figured he wouldn’t get much sleep that night he decided to have a nap while I read my book. Later on I went to investigate a little when I came across the cutest little puppy ever!! As soon as charlie heard me playing with it he jumped out of bed and that was him happy for the rest of the time we were there!!

That night we had dinner with our other 2 guests and were then told we would be playing some games later. They were slightly odd games but they kept us entertained before our 10pm curfew!
That night neither of us got any sleep up all and when we did finally drag ourselves up I discovered I had been bitten 50times just on my legs as there was nothing to keep the air circulated so the mossys could just land and have a feast on me!

We decided that we needed to do something to keep us occupied so we went on the local village trip, and it’s a good job we did. It was AMAZING and actually one of our highlights of the trip so far. It only cost $10 and all the money goes to the village. We met the chief and his grandsons who was sooooooooo cute!! Next we saw the church and met some more people that lived in the village before being taken to a market that was put on just for us. We actually felt a little bad that they had gone to all that trouble just for 2 people but we both brought a bracelet and thanked them endlessly!

Then we headed back for lunch where we met our 2 new arrivals as the previous girls that had been there left in the morning while we were at the village. The newbies were a lovely couple from Finland and we got on really well. In the afternoon it started to rain a little again so we decided to try our hands at basket weaving. I’m telling you now it’s a hell of a lot harder than you would think!! You have to use one big palm leaf and use a combination of weaving and platting to make your basket! Once we were done our organiser did a coconut demonstration for us which was really interesting. We learnt that at every stage of ripeness the coconut can be used and obviously tastes different. He found us a very new one that wasn’t very ripe and inside there was only coconut milk as it hadn’t had time to grow any fruit inside it yet. Next he got us a perfect one that had both milk and fruit inside, but the fruit wasn’t what you I thought coconut was like. It was very soft and mushy, a similar texture to a lychee and tasted nothing like coconut I had ever had before! Lastly he found us an old one that once he had taken the outer shell off, looked more like the type of coconuts you get at a fair ground on the coconut shy. With these ones, if you can find the weak point, they can be opening with just your hand! And inside was both milk and the kind of coconut I had seen before. It was much harder and had to either be chopped or scrapped to be able to be eaten.
Once we had collected some of the older ones we were then each given a special scraper that we had to sit on and then scrape the coconut fruit out from the inside, a bit like a funny cheese grater. Once we had collected enough fruit the chef told us how to use this to make fresh coconut milk by adding a little water and sugar and needing it all together. She then got rid of the coconut and went and cooked the milk with some bananas, it was really yummy!!
After dinner and some more odd games we decided to call it a night and tried to sleep!

The next day we were due to leave safe landing but encountered some boat trouble of our own. At 11:30 an hour before the boat was due to arrive we were told it hadn’t even left the port yet due to technical problems and so it would be at least another 4hours until it arrived. Then at about 3:30 we were told as the boat was running so late we may have to stay another night on the island we were already at, due to the lack of sleep we had had charlie and I were both determined not to let that happen so luckily at 6:30 when the boat arrived we managed to jump on and start our manta ray island adventure!







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