Mantaray island

After all the boat issues we arrived at mantaray in the dark fairly late. Luckily the staff knew about the issues and still had dinner waiting for us which was lovely. Walking back to our room we bumped into some friends we had made at the very start on coral view island so we headed down to the bar for a couple of drinks.

We met a load of other people too, some of which were headed to new Zealand next as well so it was nice to swap plans and tips! As always when you go out and intend to only have a couple of drinks we ended up staying out till the early hours and getting pretty drunk as our crazy friend chris thought it would be a great idea to buy 3 bottles of champaign and make everyone drink it with him!!

The next morning we woke up to the sound of more rain 😦 and as I wasn’t feeling great we spent most of the morning in our room. After lunch the sun came out so we headed down to the beach for a spot of sunbathing and soaking up the sun while it lasted. Once we were showered and changed we headed up to dinner which was buffet style. As we had all had a pretty heavy night the night before we decided to just have a chilled one instead so we had a couple of cocktails and called it a night.

On our last day at mantaray we were delighted to wake up to beautiful sunshine. It was super hot and so we checked out of our room and headed straight for the beach. It was pure paradise. After laying in the sun for a while we went for a dip in the sea and the water was amazing. It was so clear and so warm, you really couldn’t ask for anything better. After another yummy lunch we headed back down to the beach as it was fish feeding time. One of the guys who worked at mantaray was handing round pieces of bread to everyone and it was as if the fish knew what time it was as they had all come right up to the edge of the water. There were tones of them, and they weren’t tinny little things either, they were about 4-5inches long and fairly see through other than the black stripes they had on there backs. Occasionally they would flip onto their sides and we realised they had silver tummies!! They went appserlutly crazy for the bread we had and all you had to do was put a corner of it in the water and they all started gabbing at it!

Once the fish feeding was over it was time to say our goodbyes and jump on the boat to our final island, octopus.








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