New Zealand begins

So we landed into Auckland this afternoon and already charlie was impressed just walking through the airport! He had already decided this would be his faviourate place! We got through customs, still with our friend Casey and charlie tried to get organised by picking up every single leaflet he could find! We grabbed some lunch and then got started on organising sim cards for our phones as we were going to be here for so long and the ones we had were pretty crap!

We then jumped on a bus and headed to our hostel, silver fern, which for the record is lovely! Really new and modern and you get free wifi for every day you stay there, so I would defo recommend it!

Once we dumped our stuff we all decided to go investigate the local area. After walking around for about 10mins we came across a big cue outside of the theatre attached to the new Zealand sky tower, so we decided, what the hell, why don’t we join this cue and find out what it’s for. After being stood in it for about a min, Casey decided maybe we should ask what we were cueing for, only to be told it was for the new Zealand xfactor! We got talking to one of the crew who told us that if we wanted to be in the audience all we had to do was register round the corner, so he took us round and we just managed to get registered with 10mins to go! We went up to the theatre, had to hand in all our phones and cameras and took our seats in the audience!! It was all a bit crazy but really cool and we ended up staying and watching nearly the whole thing!! So watch out if it come out on tv you may see charlie and I in the audience!

By the time it had finished it was pretty late and we were all pretty hungry so we headed to a burger place we had been told about by our friend Harry who we met in Fiji. We got down there and had these huge burgers for dinner before going back to our hostel to do more washing!

The next day we had a bit of a lie in before deciding today had to be an organising day! And to be fair it was very productive, we got my big bag fixed withs a new zip, we sorted out my phone, we went and brought some warmer clothes as we had been warned that it got pretty cold in NZ and we also went to try and book our seats on our kiwi experience bus for the next day only to find out that unfortunately the bus doesn’t run on a Sunday, so tried to book on for the Monday and were told we were on standby as it was currently over booked. We headed back to the hostel to make dinner and decided that as we had another free day we would spend it at the zoo!

So we woke up bright and early on the Sunday and jumped in a cab to the zoo. We had a great day that started with feeding the giraffes which was very cool, then we went and saw the elephants, orang-utans, sea lions, monkeys and lots more. We had a great day but I still don’t think any zoo will compare to Australia zoo!!

We headed back to the hostel and had to try and fit all my stuff back into my bag as I’d had to unpack it all to get my bag fixed, it was NOT fun! Before getting an early night as we had to b on the bus at 7am the next day to start our journey round NZ






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