Octopus island

So on the boat to our final island, octopus island and we discover that because our accommodation vouchers are somehow worth more than room we were due to be in we could get a free upgrade!! But not just any upgrade, we were able to stay in the nicest bure they have, right on the beach front!!! In short it was basically their honey moon suit!!! And as this was a 3 coconut room we were able to up to the captains lounge again!! So we stocked up on snacks and grabbed a beer for charlie and a couple of ice creams and before we knew it we had arrived at PARADISE!

So far the reports and islands we had stayed at we’re lovely and we were more than happy with the majority of them, with the exception of safe landing, but as we hopped off the main boat and made our way to octopus we knew this was a cut above the rest! It was AMAZING!! They greeted us on the beach with not only their welcome song but also with huge cocktails!! I don’t know how this is even possible, but the sand was ever whiter here too!! All in all first impressions were outstanding!! And it only got better!

We were escorted to our bure and it was AMAZING!! When they say beach front they really mean it!! Our bure door opened out onto our own terrace on the beach! We had our own private hammock as well as our own sun loungers next to our room. It was as if we had our own section of private beach to ourselves!

After we dropped our stuff and tried to wipe the grins off our faces we went and chilled by the pool before the sun set yoga started. After sun set yoga we both decided that this is what we thought Fiji would be like, pure bliss!

Just before dinner the staff wanted to welcome us with a carva ceremony, unfortunately I couldn’t get out of this time so had to have another cup of vile mud water!! But luckily we had an amazing dinner to wash the taste away!! After dinner it was time for more crab racing, clearly a popular evening activity in Fiji!! We chose our crab and this time they had far better prises on offer! The winner won a champaign breakfast the next day and the 2 runners up would win some cocktails. Even the crab racing here was better!! And this time as our crab hadn’t been dropped on its head we actually came third, so we won a cocktail, we were very pleased with ourselves!
After a lovely chilled evening we headed to bed.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of the sea and more beautiful sunshine! So we jumped out of bed, had breakfast and headed to our private patch of beach!! After another morning of reading, sunbathing and lying in hammocks we had a beautiful fish and chip lunch and charlie decided to hire out some snorkel gear.

While I carried on lying by the sea charlie was splashing around in it snorkelling for hours! When he got back he told me the reef was amazing and he had even seen a turtle and much to his disgust he also saw an octopus!!

At 3 o’clock I had a massage booked so I headed off their while charlie got dried off. The massage was amazing and being able to hear the sea in the background topped it off even more, I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed in my whole life! Once the massage was finished they sit you out on the deck on the beach with a plate of fresh fruit and coconut milk, it was a lovely touch!

Once we were showered and changed we headed to dinner again, this time to my disappointment it was curry 😦 but it was fine and I did my best! After dinner however I wasn’t feeling great so we headed back to the room for an early night.

The next day was our finally day on the islands and we couldn’t have been more sad! However we had pre-planned a trip to the local boarding school which we were super excited for! We left after breakfast and took a quick boat ride to the other side of the island to where the school was situated.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by one of the school teachers who told us a little bit about how the school works before being taken to our seats outside one of the class rooms. The school started from age 6 and went up to age 14. It was made up of around 150 pupils and only 8 teachers! The pupils all came from the 3 surrounding villages and stayed there during the week and then travelled home at the weekends.

We took our seats and then all the children from classes 1-6 got up and sang us there welcome song. It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Once they had finished each class took it in turns to get up and sing or dance for us! It was very cute, similar to a school assembly, and they were all very proud of themselves when there turn was over! Once they had all finished there class songs they then all got back up again and sang us there fair well song. We then had a chance to properly speak to some of the children and were amazing at how good there English was! A group of girls grabbed me and the boys grabbed charlie and wanted to show us all around each class room! It was soooooooo sweet being given a guided tour, but we only managed to spend about 2mins in each room before they all got excited again and wanted to run to the next one!! The girls also showed me there bed room which was just a large hall type room with rows of beds on the floors. After showing us around the kids had to go back to class so we were taken to a small market that had been set up by some of the local villagers.

Once we were all finished we then all got back on the boat and headed out to a couple of snorkelling spots which were ok but not the best we’ve seen. Then we were taken back to the resort for lunch and charlie and I had a quick dip in the pool before saying our goodbyes to everyone and getting on the big boat back to the main land.

It’s safe to say we did NOT want to leave octopus but it had to be done and so we made our way back to the mainland for a couple of chilled days doing nothing but washing and organising. We bumped into our crazy friend chris again so we spent one evening with him at our hostel and we also bumped into our friend Casey from mantaray island and it turned out she was on the same flight as us to NZ so we stuck together and grabbed a cab to the airport together to begin our New Zealand adventure!







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