Kiwi bus and bay of islands

Luckily we managed to get onto our bus so we didn’t have to stay in Auckland for another 2 days! But it did mean saying goodbye to our friend Casey as she was taking the naked bus instead.

We were the first pick up and after we grabbed everyone else we started the journey up to the bay of islands. We got chatting to everyone on the bus, as you do, and discovered the 4 girls sat behind us were all also from surrey and 2 of then actually lived in Walton! After more chatting we discovered that Rosey, Sophie, Ella and Tweedy were actually the 4 girls that my friend Rosanna had come away with and we realised we all knew a lot of the same people!! Such a small world!! We then got chatting to everyone else and ended up making a lovely big group of us of about 18 all of which were English! In fact I’d say 95% of the bus were English!

During the journey we booked ourselves onto a couple of activities, one of which was swimming with dolphins that afternoon. So as soon as we arrived we jumped off the bus and funnily enough bumped straight into Casey who had been dropped at the same place with her bus! We were all staying at the same hostel so we agreed to meet up later and then headed out to our boat.

We jumped on the boat which was quite a nice size and started our mission to try and find some dolphins. As they are wild they can never guarantee that you will even get to see any let alone swim with them however they say that 99% of the time you do at least get to see some. So we were all stood at the side of the boat trying our best to spot some dolphins. After about an hour or so the boat stopped and we all got very excited, only to be told they had spotted a penguin, not dolphins! He was a very cute penguin, but I think we were all expecting something a little more exciting! We carried on and eventually came across a smallish pod of about 10dolphins who at the time were actually sleeping!

When dolphins sleep they don’t actually shut off all of their brain so they are still partially awake. This meant we had to wait around a little bit to see if they would wake up or not before we could get in the water and swim with them. Luckily for us they were already showing signs of waking so we stuck around. After half an hour or so we all started to put our fins and masks on so that we were ready to jump straight in as soon as they did wake up. The crew told us that once we were in we would have to swim hard and fast to keep up with them. We all got into the water and my god it was cold!! Baring in mind charlie and I had just come from Fiji where the water was about 25degrees the shock of the water actually took my breath away! I tried to swim and keep up but didn’t do very well at all, however charlie didn’t do too bad and got fairly close at one point. After a short time we got back in the boat as the dolphins clearly weren’t that interested in us. We carried on sailing around to see if we could find any more and amazingly there were 3 dolphins that liked the look of the boat and so they came up along the bottom and started swimming along the side and underneath of the boat at the exact moment charlie and I were sticking our heads off the end of the boat, it was AMAZING and totally made up for the fact that the other dolphins didn’t really like us!!

Once our trip was over we headed back to the hostel and had a nice BBQ for dinner before having a couple of drinks and heading to bed as we had a very early start the next day for our cape ranga trip.

We were up nice and early for our day trip and it was really nice as most of our new fwiends from the bus were doing the trip too so we all had super cool bonding time!!! We started off with a nice walk at a place called mangina, we all found it very entertaining and were more interested in that than the actual walk itself as all we were supposed to be looking at we’re some special trees! You can tell I wasn’t moved by this walk!! After that we headed down to 90mile beach which was very nice. Although I think charlie and I have turned into beach snobs now as we have seen some of the best beaches in the world so in comparison it wasn’t that amazing, but still lovely! After we had a quick walk down the beach and found a dead puffa fish we jumped back on the bus and went to do some sand boarding, the high light of the day!

Our guide took us to this HUGE sand dune and gave us each a boogie board. We clambered up the hill, all of us nearly dieing on the way up as it was so steep, and then when we got to the top he gave us a quick demonstration and then we all started to fly down the dune. It was by far the best part of the day!

After we had finished getting covered in sand, we jumped back on the bus and headed to another beach for lunch. This one was prettier than 90mile beach but it was still very windy and not the warmest so not many people got in the water. From here we headed to a walking trail that leaded us to the point where the two oceans meet. It was really pretty here and there was also a sweet lighthouse there too.

Once we had finished our walk we stopped in at a wood carving showroom before heading to get fish and chips for dinner. The fish and chips were pretty good and was nice not to be eating noodles for a change! Then we all headed back to our hostel and played drinking games and everyone got pretty drunk.

Because of our antics the night before the next day was a bit of a write off as everyone was pretty hung over! We all kind of bummed around not doing much until the evening when we went out to a lovely Mexican restaurant for dinner that over looked the bay. As we had all had a pretty heavy night the night before we decided to take it easy and get a fairly early night!

The next day was our final day in the bay of islands so we got up and checked out and charlie decided to go kayaking with the boys before we jumped on the bus back to Auckland.









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