Auckland and hot water beach

We arrived in Auckland early evening and were only spending the night before heading to hot water beach.

We checked in after a long drive and got showered and changed. As charlie and I had spent quite a lot of gimme in Auckland already we suggested that everyone go back to velvet burger for dinner before we went out. As before the burgers were amazing and everyone was very happy!

Once we filled our tummies we headed back to the room to pre drink and play more drinking games! Once we had finished we started our night out at the bar attached to nomads, where we were staying. It was a really cool bar called the union so we spent a while there before moving on to globe, which was very disappointing and pretty empty! We finished the night with a stop at burger king as charlie was somehow still hungry, despite his huge burger earlier!

We had to be up very early the next day to get the bus down to hot water beach and everyone was feeling a little worse for wear. So when we met our bus driver who started telling us her life story and handing round photo albums of her house bus it’s safe to say no one was impressed or cared!

Everyone was quite looking forward to hot water beach as although the town it’s in is very small, the beach it’s self is situated above boiling hot pools that if you dig down slightly when the tide is out, you can create your own little pool that when mixed with the cold sea water is like your own bath!

We stopped for lunch and everyone decided it would be a good idea to have a big BBQ for dinner so we stocked up on supplies before finally arriving at hot water beach. Our accommodation there was lovely and so we all got settled in before flee (our bus driver) told us about a 45min walk. As I was still feeling a little ropey I decided against it but was very annoyed when everyone got back as it wasn’t a 45min walk at all, it was 15mims at best and they walked to a lovely beach. However while they were all gone, George, tweedy, Caroline, rosy and I decided to head down to hot water beach it’s self and check it out. We all chilled out and had a bit of a nap before heading back to start the BBQ.

We had a huge feast, great fully cooked by dan before chilling out and waiting for the tide to go out so we could start digging our hot water pools! We went to reception as they had spades you could hire, but your crazy bus driver had failed to mention that reception closed at 8pm and the tide didn’t go out until 10pm. So we had a hunt around and managed to find one spade between all of us and headed to the beach in the dark! Once we got down there it took us a while to actually find the hot areas and once we did it was rather hard to try and dig a hole big enough for everyone with just one spade. Especially as we were pretty sure flee got the time of the tide going out wrong so the sea kept coming in a filling any hole we did manage to start making! But it was all good fun and doing it in the dark was even funnier!

After a while we gave up and headed to bed as it was rather cold and we weren’t getting far!

Unfortunately I didn’t actually get any pictures on my phone, they are all on my camera, so you will have to wait until I find a computer somewhere to see what it was like!


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