Lake Taupo and River Valley

The next morning we were due to head off to lake Taupo, however our bus driver did a stop at a sulphur hot pools area first and those who didnt want to go we’re able to roam around rotorua a bit longer.

Charlie and I decided against the hot pools as they were so hot you weren’t actually able to bath in them, and it was quite expensive so instead we went to grab some breakfast at a place called the fat dog. They did the most amazing food and the portions were HUGE! I ordered a hot chocolate which genuinely came in a bowl!

Once we had set off after breakfast we only made one stop as the drive to Taupo was the shortest one on the whole bus route. We stopped at a place called hooker falls which was a stunning waterfall. After a few quick photos we jumped back on the bus and drove into Taupo.

As charlie and I had booked somewhere different for us to stay we dropped the rest of the group off first before heading to our hostel. The majority of our group had also decided to do there skydive that afternoon so we headed straight over to wish them all good luck and see them being carted off in the limo!

Once they had gone there was a small group of us left that decided to head down to the natural hot springs that you were able to swim in as they actually flowed down and joined with the river that forms hooker falls. After a quick taxi ride we arrived and jumped straight in.

The water, at first glance, just looked like part of the river, and it wasn’t until you got in that you realised how hot it was. There were different areas that were hotter than others but most of the time you could just mix it with the cold water from the wider part of the river and it felt just like a bath. There were a few other people down there too who had all brought beers with them so we all decided that we should bring the rest of our group down the next day with some beers as we all enjoyed it so much, plus it was free!!

Once we had all turned into wrinkly prunes we headed back to our hostle to get showered and changed and wait for the skydivers to return. Once they were back and we heard how amazing there skydive was we all decided to have a big night out to celebrate, so charlie an I headed over to their hostle and ended up dancing the night away!

As Taupo was so lovely we got to spend and extra day here and as everyone was feeling a little worse for wear we decided to have a chilled one. We grabbed some lunch and some of the boys thought it would be a good idea to go fishing on the lake, but after minor research we discovered that it would be far too expensive, so we settled on just sunbathing by the lake instead.

On our way down there the boys all spotted a golfing game. There was a hole out in the middle of the lake and if you managed to get a whole in one you won $10,000 so of course try all had a go, sadly none of them won, although a couple actually got it on the green which was an achievement in itself!

We finally pulled the boys away and got to an area by the lake that we could all lie down on, dispite it being a hill and no one being that comfy, we got settled and chilled there for most the afternoon. Also as we were laying by a lake there was no real sand just stones, so we settled for the itchy grass instead. After an hour or so we decided the grass was too much so charlie and i pitched the idea of taking some beers to the hot springs instead. Dispite everyone still being a little hung over the general consensus was this was a good idea, so we headed to the liquor store and jumped in a cab.

The afternoon was spent almost exactly the same as the day before only this time it included drinking! Once we had all had enough it was dinner time and then get ready for round two as two more kiwi buses had also arrived into Taupo that day so we were told it was going to be a big night! And it sure was, esepcially for charlie who decided to get completely inialated and ended up eating 2 big macs. I decided to make friends with the poor lady trying to surve him and so she let us try out a brand new burger which wasn’t going to be available for another 3days! We felt very privalidged!

As you can imagine the next morning, having to get up for the bus was no fun for a very hung over mr Lucas and due to his struggles we almost missed the bus. Luckily I managed to convince our bus driver flea that he was just coming and not trying to stop himself from being sick, so we got on and started the drive to river valley.

After a stop for a 2hour walk, which I declined, we arrived at river valley. It was a lovely place that reminded me slightly of the farm stay in aus. It was in the middle of no where and I’m pretty sure our bus were the only people staying there. But we all grabbed our places in the “orgy dorm” which was where the majority of us were staying. It was a big room with a single bunk bed that took up half the room, as both the bottom and top bunks could fit 10 people each! So it was like one big sleep over!

That night we also had paid for a huge roast dinner which was amazing! There was tones of food and was great value for money. As there was not a huge amount to do at river valley, we all decided to try and have a night off from drinking, however this didn’t go quite as planned. 10 bottles of red wine later there was singing, guitar playing and Caroline falling over while simply standing up!!

The next morning a few of the group went white water rafting, but charlie and I had decided against it as due to the drought the water lever was super low so we didn’t think it would be as good. Apparently that wasn’t the case and the people that went had the best time. We spent the morning chilling out before having to do the huge treck back up the hill to get back to the bus and head down to see our friend Nathan in Wellington!