South island

The next morning we woke up early and jumped in a cab to meet the bus. We didn’t want to wake Nathan as it was the weekend so we snuck out! Once we met the bus it was a short journey to the ferry port, however the ferry journey itself was way longer than we all expected! 3hours later we arrived in the south island to start the next part of our trip.

As we had spent 2 nights in Wellington we had lost a couple of people from our group 😦 but we also lost our bus driver!! Which we were all fairly relieved about!! Our new driver was called guy, and right from the start we could tell we were going to have more fun! For starters there were now 2 buses driving in convoy which means double the amount of people travelling. Secondly our new bus driver seemed a million times better than our last one, and thirdly our first stop was at a vineyard!

When we arrived at the vineyard we were split into two groups as there were so many of us. We stayed outside and sampled 4 different wines, 3 white and 1 red. As many of you that know charlie and I will know, neither of us actually drinks wine, but we thought this would be a great way to start. And surprisingly enough 2 of them weren’t that bad. I still didn’t enjoy them a huge amount, but I could defiantly taste the different flavours which I’m sure is a start! On the plus side, the vineyard also had the cutest little cafe that sold the most amazing oils and sauces as well as a small fudge shop that had the most AMAZING fudge!!

Once we had eaten our body weight in fudge samples and the rest of our group had bought 3 cases of wine between them, it was time to leave and carry on the drive to kaiteriteri. When we arrived, checking in took bloody ages as there was about 102 people to check in! Once we were settled, showered and had eaten dinner we started the room party! Needless to say, it got a little out of hand with the majority of people drinking 2 and a half bottles of wine each!!

The next day it was time to make a move and unfortunately leave the majority of our group behind as they had decided to stay an extra few nights in kaiteriter. We said fair well and set off again!