The Poo pub!

The next morning we all woke up a little worse for wear! We jumped on the coat and started the journey to lake mahinapua, nick named the poo pub.

On the way we stopped a couple of times, once at punakaiki (the pancake rocks) which is also home to one of the largest sea colonies. There were some super cute seals, there were even a couple of baby ones swimming around changing each other!!
The second stop was for supplies, as tonight was going to be a fancy dress competition and the theme was H2O! I had already decided that I was going to go as a shower!! Don’t ask me why, but I figured it was original and no one else would go as it, and if I could pull it off well I could possibly even win, the prize being a free canyon swing down in queens town, normally worth over $200!

Needless to say, creating a shower costume was rather tricky! I figured the best thing to do was to have the shower pole somehow stuck to my back and then have the shower head over my head and somehow get a shower curtain surrounding me! Well I ran from fancy dress shop to hardest store to the NZ equiverlant of tescos all in an hour! I managed to find some sort of pimp stick in the fancy dress shop that I was going to use as the pole as well as a shower curtain. I then found one of those things that u hang your socks and pants on to dry in the hardware store to use as the shower head as well as some metal thing to stick to the top of the pole and have the drying thing hang from! I then found some glitter as I decided I needed some water coming from the shower and was going to use some of Charlie’s string for this. I then found super glue and duck tape and that was me done!! All in all I think I spent about $20. My theory was as long as I didn’t spend $200 and I won then I was saving money!

Charlie had decided to go as poseidon so he brought a sheet to wear as a toga, some wool to creat a bread, the same pimp stick as me, a girly kids dressing up tearer as that was the closest he could get to crown and some tin foil.

We got back on the bus and began trying to creat my shower straight away. Now I must give credit where it’s due and do I would like to give thanks to all the people below for there help and dedication in helping me creat my great costume: Emma, helen, dan, charlie, adam and hits. I think that’s all!! If I missed you sorry!

We arrived at the poo pub and quite quickly realised why it had such a nick name. It was a shit hole!!! The place was rank, there were cameras everywhere to stop people drinking there own alcohol, the rooms smelt like cat wee, you had to pay extra for a duvet and we were already paying $30 for the night, we had also payed for dinner which also was pretty shit. In short the place is a huge waste of money and was NOT nice. However, we tried to put that aside and get on with the costumes. Some hours later we were all ready and headed down to the bar. Everyone looked great!! The majority of people had come as some form of bay watch characters, there were pirates, mermaids, frogs sporn and even a bath! It was great fun and we managed to get a huge group picture too, even the bus drivers got involved, guy even went as far as having costume changes though out the night!!

As my costume was rather heavy and uncomfortable I decided to head back a little earlier than most, plus the drinks were bloody expensive and we couldn’t exactly pre drink! Once I was just drifting off to sleep I get woken up by charlie with his bloody toe AGAIN! He had somehow managed to split it open on something! I bandied him up and we went to bed.

What happened next ended up being one of the strangest nights of my life!!! I had gone to bed with my ear plugs in as I do when sharing a dorm and yet was still woken by the loudest snoring I’ve ever heard at about 4:30am. In my half asleep state I took them out to try and figure out who was making so much noise. After a couple of mins trying to figure it out I realised it was coming from the bed above…charlie! So I started kicking the bottom of his bed to shut him up. It stopped so I lay back down again. A couple of mins later it starts again, so this time I punched his leg from my bed, again it stops and again I lie down, and gain a couple of mins pass before it starts again. This time I’m really angry and tired so I get out of bed to hold his nose!! As I stand up and look over his bed I’m confused by what I see. There was another head lying next to charlie! In my half asleep state I think to myself, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, maybe he has fallen asleep with a pile of clothes next to him, so I touch it and sure enough there is a blond girl in bed with my boyfriend who is making all the noise. Now I’m really confused so I grab my phone to shine the light round the room thinking maybe someone has slept walked. But no, everyone else is still sound asleep in there beds. It’s at this point that I don’t know what else to do. So I started punching charlie in the arm saying “what the fuck is going on!?” he wakes up, looks at me very confused, then looks at the girl and say “huh? I though that was you!” he then try’s to wake her up, poking her saying “erm excuse me, but you have to leave.” she then starts to wake up and say “what the fuck!?” charlie says “erm my girlfriend is in the bed below, I don’t know who u r but u have to leave.” still half asleep the girl then says “are u fucking kidding me!?” charlie says “no, I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else!” at this point she wakes up properly, stares at charlie for a couple of seconds and then bursts out laughing, says “omg hahaha sorry!” and runs out the room. By now everyone else in the room is awake and wondering what the hell is going on! Charlie explains that he has no idea, he felt someone climb into bed with him but just assumed it was me wanting to snuggle and so didn’t even turn over. We were all so confused at how she had got in with out anyone realising, she even must have climbed lib my bed to get into Charlie’s!! We were all very confused and eventually fell back to sleep.

The next morning we discover the girl, who’s called camilla, had actually been getting with one of the other boys on the bus also called charlie, and it just so happened both Charlie’s had been sleeping in the exact same bed just different rooms. So when camilla left the other Charlie’s bed in the night to go to the toilet, still very drunk, rather than turning left out of the toilet she turn right and climbed into bed with my charlie! It was very bizarre and by the time everyone was on the bus the story had got round to everyone, evidently she won “dick of the day” (another one of our bus rules, anyone who does anything stupid gets written in the book and at that start of the day guy reads out the nominations and we all vote, the winner has to wear a dick of the day high viz jacket all day) and im sure the story will be retold to all of guys future buses!






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