West port and paddys day!

We were greeted by our new driver who was in a full paddys day costume, green beard and all!! And as we started our journey he started telling us some of the “rules” of his bus! First things first, no one was aloud to say f**k or mine, if they did, no matter where we were or what u were doing, u had to do 10press ups or sit ups, this included the driver! Secondly, the last two people back on the would get hand cuffed together for being late, didn’t matter if u knew this person or not!! Thirdly as we were in new Zealand we were no longer aloud to call flip flops anything other than jandels!

Once the rules were explained, we set off, only for a short distance though as guy our driver said f**k and had to pull over to do his press up on the side of the road!!

Once we were properly on our way guy commenced a speed dating game for everyone to get to know each other. Everyone sat in an isle seat had to jump up move one space forward, they then had a min with this new person to ask the usual questions before moving again. We did this for 3rounds before stopping for lunch.

We soon arrived in Westport and had previously been warned about it by our last driver flea. Her words were something like “it’s full of inbreds but there all nice enough people if u can get past the extra fingers and mono brows!” We arrived early evening and started our preparations for paddys night!! We had already been told we would be doing a 3legged pub crawl, but as there were so many of us it turned into a 4legged one instead!! It meant one poor guy had both his legged tied to a girl either side! Charlie was lucky enough to only get one girl as there weren’t quite enough people!
I was tied to a guy called dan who I had met during speed dating on the bus, and a German girl. We slowly set off but quickly got the hang of it and we’re leading the rest of the group!

We got to the first pub where they had a live band playing, we grabbed a drink and attempted some Irish dancing before heading to the next pub. The second pub was where we really got a feel for the strangeness of west port!! Whilst standing at the bar I got asked to join an odd group of guys 3times, I declined explaining I was tied to someone and was promptly then called treacle bum by a different guy with 6 fingers!! Just my type!! We quickly polished off our drinks and headed to the next bar!!

The last bar was nice and was where we remained for the rest of the night, once we had finished our final drink we were aloud to be untied! We had a great night and danced the night away with our new bus friends!!



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