Wanaka and sky diving

Once again we were up early to set off for wanaka. Our first stop was at lake matheson near fox glacier as you can get some great shots of mount cook in the reflection. After we grabbed some breakfast from the lovely cafe we set off again.

We stopped again for a picnic lunch where charlie nearly adopted a passing dog. He was very cute and nearly followed us onto the bus, but guy was having none of it!

As soon as we got in to wanaka charlie and I as well as our friend hits had to jump out and meet the sky diving team. We hopped into the back of there can and watched the safety video explaining how everything was going to work. Once we were there we paid and decided if we wanted videos and photos. Then it all happened relatively quickly as I think we were the last jumpers of the day as it was around 4pm. We got into our jump suits met our instructors and film guys and before we knew it we were harnessed and in the plane!

The journey up took much longer than I expected. After about 5mins I thought we were really high and nearly there but we were only about 2,000ft up!! After another 10mins my jump master handed me the oxygen mask as once you get high enough you need to put it on. Another 10mins passed and then my jump master started double checking all the straps and tightening them even more and the next thing I knew the door was open and charlie was gone!! If I’d blinked I would have missed it as you fly out so quick, then we shuffled forward and my lugs were tucked under the plane, my head was pushed back and boom we were out!! The free fall was unreal, it’s a feeling that I don’t think you can even explain!! You don’t even really take in the scenery at first as all you can think about is the fact that your falling!! The 60seconds passed super quick and soon the parachute was up and we were gliding through the air. It was an amazing feeling, you really do feel like your flying! My jump master even let me steer the parachute and we spun round left and right, it was crazy. The view was so amazing, it was possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!! And then sadly we were getting closer to the ground and so it was time to land. I gave the controls back to the jump master and we landed very smoothly. It was the most amazing experience, something that I think everyone should try!!

Once we were all down we got to watch everyone’s videos and laugh at each others faces when we jumped out! As charlie an I brought some special package we got free t-shirts too so we had to pick those out before heading back to our hostel.

Once we were back it was the strangest feeling, it was almost like due to the amount of adrenalin that had been pumping we all crashed out after! We forced ourselves to have dinner an then called it a night as we were exhausted!! Plus tomorrow we would be arriving into queens town and we wanted to save our energy for then!!










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