We arrived into Bangkok in the evening and after spending hours trying to sort out sim cards and looking for somewhere to stay we eventually left the airport! When we got to our hotel it was pretty late so we just passed out!

The next day we were up fairly early so we set off with the intention of going to the grand palace. We grabbed some lunch first from what we thought was a sushi bar, only to discover that actually it was more of a noodle soup type place where you make it your self! Charlie and I had no idea what we were doing and were just chucking thing off the conveyer belt into the broth! We were convinced we were going to make ourselves ill!

After lunch we jumped on the train and got off at the national stadium to walk the rest. As soon as we left the station we were jumped on by tuck tuck drivers who explained it was supposedly a Buddhist holiday so the palace wasn’t open for visitors. I wasn’t so sure but there was no getting away now! He offered to take us to all these different places for only 50bht and before I could protest charlie was already in the tuck tuck! As he had never been in one he was eager to jump in! First we were taken to the “lucky Buddha” know to everyone who has ever been to Bangkok as the place you take tourists who don’t know what they are doing! The Buddha sure as hell wasn’t lucky. While we were strolling around the building site we met a man who seemed nice enough, he was chatting away to us for ages about songkran, Thai new year, and eventually told us to go down to C.T.A.T which was supposedly some government travel agent who would help us book our train ticket up to Chang mai.

We got back in our tuck tuck and headed to our next stop which was described to us as a shopping mall. We turned up to an empty shop front and were whisked upstairs to a very odd looking tailors. We were the only people in here and had to awkwardly flick through design books of different dresses and suits while throwing each other side ways glances, trying to work out how we were going to get out of this! We eventually made some excuse about having no money and after him then trying to sell us some soap instead, managed to get out.

We then decided it would be a good idea to head over to this travel agency as we only planned on staying in Bangkok for a couple of days so wanted to get things organised. We sat down with a guy called ninja and told him our plans. After a quick chat we had decided to change our whole trip around due to weather so rather than going up north we decided to head down south. After a quick trip back to our hotel to check our Vietnam visas we stupidly started making arrangements. We booked two lots of accommodation through him, one was for songkran in Phuket, the other was for full moon on koh phangan. We ended up paying a fortune that was very unnecessary but by then it was too late. We left and didn’t really think much of it.

We then got dropped at ko San road where we met up with adam who we met in NZ. We had a quick drink an then took a stroll up the road with adam. Unfortunately he was catching a bus that night so we didn’t get to spend long with him. While walking around a random group of Canadian guys called us over so we sat down and had some drinks with them. More and more people joined us and eventually we went for dinner with one of the other couples there. Once we’d eaten we headed back to ko San road for some more drinks when we bumped into some more people we had met earlier. We joined them in a bar where charlie somehow got talked into eating a scorpion. Someone soon came up with the idea of going to see an obligatory ping pong show, so off we went. It was vile and I’m now scared for life! We left quite quickly and walked our new friends Jynay and sean home before heading back ourselves.

The next morning we woke up surprisingly worse for wear! We had planned again to go to the grand palace but due to our hangover didn’t leave the room until lunch time, we grabbed something to eat an had a stroll round the shops before setting off to meet Sean on ko San road. We got there and had a couple of drinks before bumping into Jynay too who was eating with her tour group.

Charlie and I had already planned to go for some cocktails at a roof top bar I had found called nest so Sean tagged along. The bar was quite far away but defiantly worth it! It was up on the 7th floor and had an amazing view over Bangkok. The bar itself was also really quirky with big love seats and a mixture of sand and grass for the floor. We ordered some snacks and cocktails and had a really lovely evening before heading back.

The next day charlie and I had a flight booked to take us down south to Phuket, but not until the evening. So we checked out and left our bags at reception, determined this time to actually make it to the grand palace! We got another tuck tuck and after another awkward stop at a different tailors made it to the grand palace! As charlie and I were both in shorts we had to hire some very fetching bottoms. I had an interesting sorong type thing and charlie had some beautiful trousers! We wandered round for a few hours looking at all the beautiful, sparkling buildings. I think charlie was more impressed than I was as it was his first time visiting anywhere like this.

At about 4pm we made a move back to ko San road to say goodbye to Sean and have a quick drink. As we were stopping to get some pad thai for dinner we were approached by a lady with a film crew who asked if she could interview us. We agreed and she asked us questions about songkran and how we knew about it. Before we knew it, it was 5pm and our flight was at 7, leaving us only an hour to go back to our hotel, get our bags and get to the airport. We had a mad dash, and of course the traffic was terrible. The latest we were able to arrive was 6:15 so charlie and I were desperately panicking as by the time we left our hotel it was already 5:30! Our taxi driver was going super fast and for a while I thought we were going to be fine and even have time to spare, right up until our driver missed the exit for the airport! It was now 6pm and we had to drive all the way round, charlie and I had no idea where we were going and had already come to the conclusion that we were going to miss our flight. After driving round, in what felt like circles, for another 10mins I was beginning to feel like the driver had no idea where he was going. At 6:14 we pulled into the airport, charlie and I literally threw money at our driver and sprinted into the terminal. We had made it, JUST!



















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