Phi phi and songkran

We arrived into Phuket late evening, so we had booked a nights accommodation as we weren’t able to jump on a boat until the next day.

The next morning we were picked up and drove for a about an hour until we reached the port. We jumped on and sat up at the top to try and help with my sea sickness. After about 3 hours we arrived at the lovely koh phi phi. We were met by the guy from our accommodation and began the treck up to it! Once we had checked in and cooled down we decided to go investigate. We wondered round for a few hours and had dinner at a place called papaya on jacks recommendation. Charlie had his first panaeng curry and I had a green curry. The food was surprisingly good despite all the cats roaming around! We went for a couple of drinks after and then headed back to the room.

The next morning we woke up and decided to go on a maya bay over night trip. Luckily, as the trip didn’t leave until the afternoon we were able to book it for today. We got dressed and packed an over night bag before heading down to meet the boat. Maya bay is the area where most of the movie “the beach” was filmed and as its so popular with tourists the best time to see the beach is late afternoon once everyone else has gone.

We got on the boat with the other 18 people doing the same trip as us and set off. We made some new fwiends, coupling couple on there honey moon called will and Jamie, and strangely enough another girl called brooke and a girl called Shannon.

On the way there we stopped at the pirate caves to take some pictures. The pirate caves are where a group of pirates were shipwrecked years ago and ended up living there surviving only on birds nests! When we arrived at maya bay, unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and started to rain a little bit, the water was still super warm though so everyone jumped in and did some snorkelling while we waited for all the people of day tours to leave the beach. Just as we got into the long tail boat to take us to the beach it started to pour! We were all huddled under towels until we arrived where we found a cute shelter to sit under until the rain stopped. Once it had we all went down to the beach to take pictures, it was stunning! At about 8pm dinner was served. We had a huge Thai feast of curry, vegetables and rice, it was sooooooo good! We all sat in a big group and had some music on while we ate. Once we were done everyone got a free bucket, which is a bucket that u make sandcastles in full of alcohol! Everyone was chilling out an chatting and someone even pulled out a guitar and started playing, like true travellers!! After a short fiasco with a centipede and a lady being taken to hospital we all headed back to the boat! Once we were back it was about 11pm and pitch black so we were all told to jump in the sea and swim with the plankton. It was the coolest experience ever. During the day you can’t see plankton but at night when it’s really dark if you disturb it, by swimming, it all lights up and glows a silvery colour, just like in the movie! It was amazing! We all had snorkel masks on and when u put your face in the water it was like you were surrounded by stars under the sea! Unfortunately none of the pictures came out very well so I can’t put them up for you to see, but trust me, it was amazing! Once we were done we all slept under the stars on the roof of the boat.

The next morning we were woken up bright and early so that we could have another chance to see the beach before all the day trippers arrived. Luckily it was a nice sunny morning so we could all appreciate the beach properly. Once we had had breakfast the boat took us back to phi phi. As charlie and I were so shattered we headed straight back to our hotel for a nap! When we got up We went and met up with will and Jamie and grabbed some late lunch before wandering around the market stalls. Later on we also met up with brooke and Shannon for dinner at papaya again (Charlie’s new favourite place)

While we were there we also bumped into mez and Norris from our kiwi bus who where there with two of there other friends. When everyone had finished eating we headed over to banana bar for a few drinks with everyone. Jamie, will, brooke and Shannon all went home but charlie and I stayed out with the other boys and got to whiteness a real life dance off!! Soon enough charlie was very drunk and I practically had to carry him home! we got through the door and he was passed out in a star shape for about 10mins before running to the toilet to be sick!

The next day was a bit of a right off as charlie was so hung over so we chilled in the room and I started our scrap book. That night and the next day were songkran which is thai new year, a festival which is celebrated with a huge water fight! So once charlie was feeling a little better we grabbed some dinner and two huge super soakers and met up with the boys. We went over to banana bar again whilst soaking everyone in our path, as well as getting completely soaked! We had a couple of drinks before attempting to make our way to the beach. The streets were packed and everyone was soaking each other, it was so much fun! We made our way to slinkys bar on the beach where we all got split up. It was just a huge mass of people all with water guns, it was amazing! We all ended up getting very drunk and I’m not too sure what time we got home!

Today Charlie’s friend jack and his girlfriend Alex were arriving on phi phi so charlie and I went to the pier, armed with our water guns to greet them. Charlie had got the wrong boat time so we went back into town to grab some lunch, getting soaked again the whole way! We sat down and had one of the worst meals we’ve had since we’ve been away, but it was so funny to watch everyone walking past getting drenched from all different angles! Jack and Alex arrived and as they hadn’t eaten we sat with them while they grabbed some food. As we were sat down we watch the big parade go past with loads of different floats and people singing, it was very pretty. Once they had finished we got stuck into the water fight again before grabbing some drinks and heading to their room to pre drink. We headed to banana bar again to see if we could find mez and Norris before setting off for the beach. It was much much quieter tonight, I think because most people had been drinking all day so they had pretty much crashed by the evening, but the beach was still busy and we proceeded to get drunk again and had a great night. We didn’t stay out too late though as we had to get up early the next morning to check out and head to Phuket.


















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