Koh phangan, full moon and my birthday

After a relaxing few days on koh lanta we made the long journey to koh phangan. It took us about 6 hours by bus and boat. When we arrived we checked into our questionable accommodation and dropped our stuff. After being in the room for about 5mins the power cut out. We should have known then it wasn’t going to be great!

As we had 6 full days here we decided to rent a moped as where we were staying was a good 20min drive from haad rin where all the action is, so we figured we would save money in cab fairs this way. As Charlie’s two friends jack and Harry, as well as Sean who we had met in Bangkok were already staying over in haad rin we headed straight there to meet them for dinner. The drive up there was insane! The roads were so hilly that if I had been driving and charlie was on the back we wouldn’t have gotten up them, plus the Thai people drive like mad men!! There are no real rules of the road! But we got there safe and sound after getting a little lost. We had a nice meal and drove the bike up to where jack and Harry were staying so it was safe.

After a little pre-drinking Harry suggested we head down to a place called coral bungalows as they hold a pool party every night that’s supposed to be really good. They run free taxis there so we thought why not. We arrived and it was dead as it was still really early so after a few more buckets I suggested the waterfall party as I’d heard it was really good. We got a taxi down there, got our free drink and started watching the fire dancers. As I was a little drunk it took me a while to realise there wasn’t a waterfall anywhere. We went hunting for it only to discover there was no waterfall, I was bitterly disappointed, so we left! We decided as it was a lot later now we should go back and try the pool party again, and this time it was rammed!! There were people everywhere!! We all jumped straight in the pool, which on reflection was probably pretty gross as I can only imagine how many drunk people had peed in it! But we had a great time and even bumped into mez and his friends. I have no idea what time it was when we left but we headed back to jack and Harry’s before deciding charlie was far too drunk to drive the bike back so we got a cab.

The next day was a complete right off. Everyone was feeling terrible. The boys made there way over to our hotel as we had a pool for everyone to chill at, but I hardly left the room!! Later on they all went for dinner, but I still couldn’t stomach moving so I stayed behind. After they had eaten they were all feeling great again and wanted another night on the town but I really wasn’t up for it. so I sent them off on a lads night out and they got up to lots of trouble from what I heard!

The next day was full moon, as charlie had been out the night before we had a bit of a layin before heading out and grabbing some essentials and the obligatory full moon tops. Charlie took me for dinner at the shake he went to the day before with the boys and then we headed back to get ready. We jumped into the earliest bus over as we wanted to get in as much pre drinking as possible to save money. We went straight over to jack and Harry’s who had already been joined by Sean, rou, alno and warren. I had grabbed some paints on the way over so started some fantastic art work on the lads! We were all pre drinking for a while but it was still super early so Harry suggested we try out the pool party we had been to the previous night before heading to the beach. As my delightful friend Rosanna was supposedly down at cactus bar we decided to do a bit of a drive by first to see if we could see her an then head over. As we were all a little drunk and no one really knew where cactus bar was we spent about half an hour roaming around the streets before we found it. We went in an the place was PACKED as it backs straight on to the beach. About a second after going in we lost half the group! There was no chance I was going to be able to find Rosanna so after a quick scout we decided to just go out to the beach. It was rammed!! There were people everywhere you looked. We decided to make our way to one end of the beach and gradually make our way to the other through the night. We got to the end and there was a huge stage with this amazing saxophone player with a huge crowd of people all around him! From there on in it’s all a bit of a drunken blur but from what I can remember we managed to stay with jack, Harry and alno for most of the evening, dancing like crazy people an getting covered in paint! At some point we made out way back towards cactus bar where we randomly also bumped into mez and Norris! More drinking and crazy dancing, at one point I was up on a table dancing with a Thai lady! Then we amazing managed to find Jynay a little further down the beach at a great bar which we stayed at for a while I think! Soon enough I was feeling a little too drunk so we decided to head off the beach and grab some food. We were sat in this cafe for what felt like hours at which point we found mez and Norris as well as some other boys we knew from the kiwi bus, and I facetimed lib, all before anyone had taken our order, so after using there Internet we left! We found another smaller cafe and got some food. At about 5am we managed to find our lift home and crashed out!

As you can imagine the next day we did nothing! Nothing at all! In fact I think we even went as far as to get take away food so we didn’t have to leave our room!

The next day was my birthday!! As we had had a terrible nights sleep due to the power constantly cutting out leaving us with no AC we didn’t get up till around midday. Charlie had got me a lovely card which I opened as well as a new deck of playing cards as a little gift and amazing my great aunt had managed to get a card to where we were staying that arrived on time, so I had that to open too. We decided to head over to the other side of the island to some of the much nicer resorts which had proper spas so I could get a birthday massage. It was a bloody long drive on the bike over some very interesting roads and on the way over we got to see some elephants just chilling out which was super cool! We went to a place called the aramana hotel and it was AMAZING!! The whole place was beautiful. It had an infinity pool that looked out on to the most amazing beach and the spa was unreal! I got to speak to my mum quickly before i went for my massage which was lovely. After my massage I met charlie at the bar and had a surprise call from my dad which was very sweet! After a quick stroll up the beach we decided to head back as we had dinner arrangements. Once we had showered an changed we headed out for dinner at a great sea food restaurant called fisherman’s which is right on the beach and you are able to sit in long tail boats which was very cool. The food was amazing and charlie had even arranged for them to sing happy birthday and bring me out a pudding with a candle in the top which was very sweet! Once we had finished we went back to where we were staying so I could FaceTime my mum and the kids properly as well as having a quick chat with lib! All in all I had a lovely chilled day which was exactly what I wanted after the chaos of full moon.

The next day was our last day on the island so we had to drop back the bike which ended up being a complete disaster! Despite there being NOTHING wrong with the bike at all, the owner tried charging us 1,700bht after much discussion we realised that as they had Charlie’s passport we had to pay them but managed to get it down to just 1,000bht. We paced our bags and had dinner and were both quite looking forward to heading over to koh Tao for a few quite days after the craziness we had had here!




















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