Koh Tao

Charlie an I arrived in koh Tao after a rather stressful start trying to get our key deposit back and the woman that had it not being there in the morning, NOT HELPFUL! But we arrived safe and sound and headed straight over to saire beach and bumped straight into Rosanna strolling around very hung over! We planned to meet for brunch after charlie an I ha found a place to stay. After a quick stroll around we decided to treat ourselves for a couple of days and stay at this lovely place called simple life which even had a pool! We dropped our bags off and went to meet Rosanna. After a lovely catch up we sadly had to say goodbye as she was heading over to phi phi that evening so we let her go and get her stuff packed. That night we had a stroll round before grabbing some dinner an having a chilled night in.

The next day was spent just chilling out by the pool doing nothing. We went for dinner at a placed called the gallery which had been recommended to us by Rosanna and the food was good.

The next day we had booked a snorkelling trip around the island. We left at about 9am and headed down to the pier. We met a lovely English couple who had emigrated to Australia years ago and were here celebrating their wedding annerversery. We jumped on the boat and headed to the first stop, shark bay. This was actually rather disappointing as there were no sharks and very little coral to see, so we just swam about for a bit before we were called back to the boat. The next stop however was much more impressive. There was tones of coral and some really beautiful fish too, I even saw a giant sting ray! We jumped back on the boat and went to one more stop which wasn’t quite as good as the last one but was still pretty nice. We had half an hour here swimming around before getting back on the boat for a surprisingly unimpressive lunch, most of which ended up going to the fish! After lunch we had one last stop snorkelling before going to a lovely secluded island. We got to spend a couple of hours here just chilling out on the beach before heading back. All in all it was a lovely day until we realised how sun burnt charlie was!! We was so red it was unbelievable! We went back to the room and I passed out!! By the time I woke up it was 10pm so we just had some paad thi in the room for dinner and went back to sleep!

The next day was again spent doing nothing, chilling by the pool and sunbathing. We decided that as we had so much time to kill and we didn’t really want to spend loads of time on koh samui, that we would stay on koh Tao for a few more days, but on a different part of the island as we were told there was better snorkelling elsewhere. So the next morning we got up, checked out and jumped in a tuck tuck over to chalok ban koa where charlie found the most beautiful beach ever!! It was stunning and the best part was there were barely any people on it!! It was like our own private beach!! We got checked in and grabbed some lunch before chilling out on the beach.

The next 5days were pretty much spend doing just that, chilling out on the beach we didn’t really do any activities, charlie tried to snorkel once but the mask he hired was pretty shit so he didn’t get very far!

On our last night on this side of the island our lovely friends Ella and rosy arrived so we met up with them over in saire beach and had a lovely dinner before heading out. As we had to check out the next morning we said we weren’t going to get that drunk, but that never happens!! We ended up going to 4 different bars and having a great night!

The next morning however, charlie was suffering very badly! We had to get up fairly early to check out and he was not doing well!! We headed back over to saire beach and checked into a new place with the girls. Charlie immediately passed out to try and cure his hangover so I went and got breakfast with the girls. Once we had all eaten we decided to all go for a nap to help us recover! We woke up early afternoon and decided to all go and play mini golf! We had so much fun and the course was actually really hard!! Yet I still came a respectable second!! Once we were done we headed back to get ready for dinner. We had a lovely meal at a very posh Italian restaurant and we all got free pudding as they messed up my order! Later on we headed down to a bar for drinks, Ella left us for a while to deal with her awkward ex and charlie roast and I ended up being mesmerised by the fire dancers!! As we had eaten so much and were too busy watching the fire dancers we weren’t really drinking much so we decided to head back to the room to play drinking games! After a while Ella re-joined us so we headed back out. We ended up going to loads of different bars and some sort of half hearted pool party where no one was actually in the pool! We didn’t end up leaving until 4:30am all very drunk!!

The next day charlie and I were due to leave to head to koh samui but as we were having so much fun we decided to stay one more day! We were all feeling very worse for ware so we grabbed some breakfast and then the girls headed down to the beach. Charlie and I had to book our boat ticket otherwise we would never leave, so we went and did that and then met them down at the beach. We spent the afternoon there before heading back to get ready for dinner. This time we decided to go for something cheap and cheerful as the night before had been a rather expensive one! As soon as we finished eating we set off to what can only be described as as the funniest night ever! We went to the most amazing placed called queens cabaret! It was a cabaret show made up of only lady boys. It was so funny, and amazing to see some of these women, you’d be surprised at just how beautiful they were! They did loads of different numbers all of which seemed to be teamed around some sort of celeb that the lady boy was dressed as and miming along to the song. It was great fun! Once it was over we headed down to the beach and had some lovely cocktails before calling it a night as charlie and I had to be up early for our boat.




















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