Koh samui

We had to be up early to catch the boat this morning and said a quick goodbye to a very sleep Ella and rosy before setting off. On our boat we ended up getting chatting to two lovely guys, one called kim the other called george who ended up coming along with us to “the lounge” where we decided to stay on rosys recommendation.

We arrived mid afternoon and sorted rooms, which were very nice. We all had quick showers and then headed out to robs bar for some lunch. Rob was a very helpful English guy who had moved to koh samui years ago and set up camp here. He gave us a load of suggestion on what to do while we were there, one of which being to head to the driving range which he claimed was only a 10min walk away. So of course all the boys were up for this and we decided to head down there. George had to make a quick pit stop to pick up a girl he had met in koh tao so the rest of us went on ahead. After a good 15mins of walking I still could see nothing that looked remotely like a driving range and wasn’t feeling so great so I left charlie and Kim to go on with out and said I’d meet them back at the hostel. When I got back I got chatting to a few of the staff at the hostel who were all lovely, and joy who mainly runs the place offered to do everyone’s nails! So we. All sat around having a girly afternoon. About an hour and a half later charlie rang to say he was still not at the driving range so he and Kim were going to start heading back! They eventually arrived back, very sweaty and very tired! As we had eaten lunch quite late no one was really that hungry but instead George suggested that we all go bowling instead. At first charlie and I were a little reluctant due to our ever dwindling funds, but George offered to pay, so we couldn’t say no! We got down there, after hunting for it inside a tescos, and played two games. It was great fun so we were very thankful to George for making us come!

The next day we had planned a trip to ang thong with the boys and we were picked up at 7am! We jumped on the boat and after about an hour we arrived at our first stop. We were taken to a lovely little beach for a few mins before we got into our kayaks. We kayaked round the island, through small caves and stopping at little beaches before arriving at the lagoon. The lagoon was huge and we unfortunately weren’t able to swim in it. We had to climb loads of very unstable stairs to get up to a view point to look down on it, but it was worth it, it was beautiful. When we were done we got back on the boat and had lunch before setting off to the next island. Here we had the option of either going on an hour long treck or snorkelling and sunbathing, I thinks it’s obvious what we chose! Unfortunately the snorkelling was rubbish as there was nothing to see at all. After a couple of hours we got back on the boat and headed back. The trip was good but a little over priced for what it was, but we still had a good time.
When we got back to the lounge, joy had made a huge Thai feast of green curry, glazed pork, veg in oyster sauce and tones of rice! There was a big group of us all eating and we ended up sitting around the table afterwards till the early hours, chatting away.

The next day charlie and I had intended to get a night train up to Bangkok so we could then carry on up to Laos, however the train was full so we booked a sleeper bus instead. We were picked up at midday and started our 3 day mission to cross the border into Laos! We got a taxi to a mini bus, a mini bus that took us to the bus station, got on the sleeper bus to the ferry, got on the ferry for a couple of hours, then back on the sleeper bus, we arrived into Bangkok at 5am where we went straight to the train station only to discover there wasn’t a train until 8:20am, so we stayed in the station, watched everyone sing the national anthem at 8 and then got on the train to udon thani. After being on the train for a few hours it broke down, so they sent a replacement bus to take us the rest of the way, which took HOURS! Luckily there was a lovely Thai guy who was on our train and saw that we clearly had no idea what was going on so he helped us find our way. When we arrived into udon he even helped us find a tuck tuck which took us to a different local bus which took us to another tuck tuck which took us to the boarder. Only to discover as it was now 9:30pm that the visa admissions at the Laos side of the boarder was shut. So we went and found a hotel right by the boarder and passed out!

The next morning we got up early and finally made it across the boarder into Laos where we got a local bus into Vientiane for all of 5p!