After jumping off our local bus we found somewhere to stay in the centre of town. We didn’t have a huge amount of time in Laos so we wanted to try and get out and see as much as we could. So we set off out into town to have a look around. It was crazy hot and the afact that we were now in land rather than by the coast meant there was very little breeze. We wondered down to a sweet little restaurant for lunch where we had our first taste of laos cuisine. Charlie had a nice chicken salad type thing with sticky rice and i had dried beef with garlic dip and steamed rice which tasted very similar to beef jerkey, but was very nice. When we were done we walked to the national stadium where we met an old crazy Swedish man who ended up chatting away to us in the sun for a good 45mins before we could get away. He was nice enough and quite funny but it was so hot standing in the sun I thought I wa going to faint. So rather than carrying on we headed back to the room so I could have a sit down in the cold room.

That evening charlie wanted to check out the local night food market. We went down and had a look around with the intention of getting dinner there but there was nothing there that either of us recognised or fancied in the slightest so we settled for just looking and not buying! So we set off in search of some dinner. We ended up stumbling across a restaurant that charlie had read about in our lonley planet guide, which has been set up to help local street children develop skills and give them a better path in life. Unfortunately it was closed so we went to the French restaurant next door. As soon as we walked in it was clear we were very underdressed! The place was lovely and nearly all the men were in shirts and the women in dresses, and there was charlie and I in denim shorts and a t-shirt! Despite being very embarrassed and looking very out of place, we had a lovely meal. Then when it came to paying it was back to being very embarrassed. As we had just arrived, I wasn’t quite used to there money yet and so we quickly discovered that I had brought out only 50,000kip rather than 500,000kip, so we didn’t have enough to pay for our meal, I wanted to die! Just as I was about to run all the way back to our room to get some more money, we discovered that luckily they took card! Mortified, we paid and left!

The next day we went back down to the restaurant that charlie had wanted to have dinner in, however it was shut again! This time they were training the pupils, so we found somewhere else to eat instead. Once we’d had lunch we decided we should do something cultural so we went in search of some temples! We found a couple of lovely ones that we managed to have a look around before they closed.
That evening we managed to make it to the restaurant that charlie wanted to eat in and had a lovely meal. The food was surprisingly very different to Thai food considering how close it is to the Thai boarder, but we enjoyed it. As we were leaving the next morning we headed back to pack up our stuff after dinner.






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