Vang vieng

After a fairly long bus journey we arrived into vang vieng. Luckily thank to my lovely friend Nat we had some places recommended to us to stay. However due to our own stupidity we ended up in the completely the wrong area as there are loads of places that have very similar names. So we decided to stop and eat lunch here as we’d already trekked over! After we’d eaten we made our way back to where we started and found the right place to stay! By the time we had got ourselves sorted it was almost dinner time so we went for a wonder down the strip to find somewhere to eat. We got to banana bar and decided that you couldn’t go wrong with a place that is running endless episodes of “friends” all night, so we had dinner and ended up staying until they closed!

The next day we got up quite late as after our “friends” marathon we had then got back and facetimed everyone! We went for lunch at a great little place out on the main road and had a huge feast for only £2! I had a huge bowl of noodle soup and charlie had the biggest portion of pad thi ever! Once we had stuffed ourselves we went in search of the tubbing that vang vieng is so famous for. As we were hiring our tubes we met a great group who were all heading down to the river too so we stuck with them. We got a very bumpy tuck tuck down to the river and all jumped in. The water surprisingly wasn’t as cold as we thought it would be, and the current was actually pretty pathetic! We kept having to stand up and walk into the middle of the river so we would float down! We soon arrived at the first bar so we dumped our tubes and went up. Apparently we had sadly just missed a huge party as it was pretty late in the afternoon, but there were still a fair few people there. We all had our vile free shot and ordered some drinks before charlie played his first ever game of beer pong! It was him and Kirsten vs Jo and Ryan. Charlie and Kirsten won and he was over the moon! Just as we were debating weather to stay here and have a few more drinks or carry on to the next bar, the biggest storm hit and there was a torrential down poor! As we didn’t know how long the rain would last we thought it was best to try and keep moving so we grabbed what tubes were left and headed down the river in the pouring rain! Just as we got into the water charlie floated round so he had his back to me and I noticed he had a HUGE spider just sitting on the back of his tube. Of course all I did was point and scream, and so charlie was trying to turn around in his tube, in the water to see what it was. This was rather an impossible task and just looked hilarious, so now I was half laughing half screaming at him! Our new fwiends much have thought I was insane! Eventually charlie saw what it was and realised he couldn’t get it off so he just flipped himself forwards in his tube into the river, sinking the spider at the same time! We floated down the river in the pouring rain and looked for the next possible place to stop. We came across what we thought was another bar so we went in and dumped our tubes again, however what we had walked into looked more like someone house rather than a bar so we promptly left again! We grabbed our tube and got back into the river and quickly arrived at the next bar. We played more beer pong (I beat charlie!) and dried off by the fire and soon enough the rain stopped. After a while we were all debating weather to go and see if there were any more bars or call it a day here. Eventually we decided to carry on down the river. So we grabbed our tubes and started floating down again. We also got chatting to a nice couple called sol and alex who were travelling with 3 of alexs mates and they decided to come along with us and see if there were any more bars. We quickly realised there was no other pubs to stop in and as it was starting to get dark we decided to head back, so we hailed a tuck tuck and went back to get showered and changed for dinner. We all met back up again at banana bar and had dinner before heading out for the evening. We had a great night an the others decided to carry it on at a local club, but I wasn’t feeling so great so we headed back to the room.

The following day we all met up again at banana bar for breakfast before heading down to the blue lagoon. We all jumped into a tuck tuck and after a rather long drive we arrived. It was slightly less spectacular than we were expecting but it was still lovely. We decided to head up to the cave first as doing that wet probably wouldn’t be a great idea! After a very steep and dangerous climb we got to the top, dripping in sweat! The cave was actually really cool and surprisingly big. As charlie, Jo and I only had flip flops on we didn’t go too far into it as it was pretty slippery but we still got a good look round and then headed back down to the lagoon. Soon enough everyone was jumping in to the freezing water from rope swings and the tops of trees! We had a lovely afternoon at left as the sun was setting. As we had eaten nearly every meal at banana bar, we were determined to eat somewhere else for dinner, so charlie and I suggested the place we had been to for lunch a few days earlier. Just as we set off up there, the heavens opened and there was the biggest down poor ever! We got soaked, so much so that when we got to the restaurant the owner was covering us in towels! We had a lovely meal and everyone enjoyed there food as much as we did the first time. Unfortunately, on the way back my stupid stomach started playing up AGAIN so I went back to the room to lay down while charlie booked our bus for the following morning. After a quick lie down I was feeling a bit better so I went to meet the others down at jayde bar. We had a couple of drinks and then called it a night as we all had to be up early the next day.