Halong bay

We left super early to drop our stuff at Hanoi backpackers before meeting the rest of our group. We were all given some rather fetching sombreros and started the four hour journey to the port. We did a quick little ice breaker to get to know everyone, but luckily we had quite a small group of only 11 so it didn’t take long. We stopped half way at a very odd pottery barn where they sold giant Buddhas and elephants, it’s safe to say charlie and I didn’t get anything!

We got to the port and had to wait a little bit until the boat arrived. Once we were on bored we were served an amazing lunch by muma who was in charge of the boat. We had a huge selection of noodles, beef, rice, squid, tofu and tones of fruit. It was sooooooo good! After we had all finished we went up to the top deck to start playing drinking games. Sadly as I was still so ill I didn’t think drinking would be the best idea, but I didn’t want to miss out so I still played but with water instead of booze! After an hour or so we arrived at our kayaking spot. Everyone excluding me was pretty drunk by now so it was hilarious to see everyone trying to kayak! We kayaked around through two very low caves which lead out into a nice little lagoon. Eddie decided to go for a swim and jumped in, about two mins later he jumped back in as we were all counting the tones of jelly fish in the water!! We went back to the boat and carried on playing games until we arrived at castaway island.

We were greeted by the 6 other people already on the island as well as all the guides before starting our initiation onto the island. We were each given a beer and had to try and open and drink it whilst playing jump rope. I got to do it with water which wasn’t quite as funny as watching everyone else. Charlie was surprisingly good and actually won! Once we were done we were given a quick welcome chat before being shown to our dorm which was a big hut on the beach. Once we were settled we had a less impressive dinner and then the real drinking games began! We played loads of different games, and luckily for us one of the guides on the island was new and was having his initiation so he was targeted every time! We had a great night and even though I was still feeling like poo and wasn’t drinking I still had a good time.

The next day was our activity day. Usually on the castaway tour you get to pick between either wakebording, tubing or rock climbing, but as we were such a small group we got to do all three! We did tubing first, which wasn’t actually tubing. It was more like a giant blow up circle attached to the back of the boat, where 4 people had to try and cling on for dear life while the boat driver tried to fling us off. It was SO much fun!! After about an hour we headed back to shore for a little rest before heading out to try wakebording. It was really hard but both charlie and I actually managed to stand up which was amazing! Once everyone had had a go we went back to shore. My hands were killing from the last activities and I was feeling really rough so I gave rock climbing a miss, but charlie had a go and got up pretty high. Once everyone had finished there activities we had some free time before the new lot of people arrived, all 45 of them! And it was our turn to think of something for them to do when they arrived! We set up an obstacle course for them on the beach. Soon we had all had dinner and it was time for drinking games again, but as there were so many of them it was hard to get one consistent game going. We tried a few times but failed so resorted to dancing on tables! Soon we were all sat on the beach talking and chilling out before we called it a night.

The next morning we had to be up early to get the boat back. We said our goodbyes and got back on the boat. We had another amazing lunch on the boat before pulling back into the port. After another 4 hour journey we got back, had a pretty good burger and then had to get the night bus straight down to the farm stay.







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