So we arrived into hue about lunch time after finishing at the tunnels. We were dropped at hue backpackers so charlie and I decided to leave our bags there and go an investigate places to stay. As we had spent a little more than intended at the farm stay we were on a slightly stricter budget. We looked at a few different places before heading down to google hotel. As soon as we arrived we were treated by two great guys. They were super friendly and attentive and showed us to reception. We decided this was where we wanted to stay so we were about to go all the way back to hue backpackers to pick up our stuff when the guy at reception said “no, no, my friends will take you on their bikes, it’s free, don’t worry” it was such a lovely gesture and saved us having to treck the whole way there and back!

Once we got back we got settled in our room when we had a knock at the door. Reception had sent us up a free fruit salad and two ice teas!! We decided this was possibly the BEST customer service we had experienced since we’d been away……fav hotel…..I think so!! We grabbed a late lunch at the sushi place next door before having a wonder round to get our bearings.

That evening we decided to have dinner at the hotel as they offer FREE BEER from 5pm till midnight! The food was pretty good and they also had a free pool table so charlie and I played a few games before charlie was challenged by one of the workers to a game. Charlie got killed!! This guy was amazing at pool!!

The next day we decided to hire some bikes to ride around the old city. We had our free breakfast before setting off on a slightly terrifying journey! I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before or not but in Vietnam there don’t seem to be any rules on the road, other than if you are over taking, beep your horn! People drive through red lights, no one signals and it’s just pure mayhem! Luckily we made it into the old city safely and after cycling round for a while we found the entrance to the palace. We had a stroll around inside, slyly trying to listen to other peoples tour guides so we knew what we were looking at! Eventually we decided to leave and had to almost break out as the exit was annoyingly at a completely different gate to the entrance, miles away from where we had left the bikes. So charlie spotted a side ally way which turned out to be fenced off, but we slipped through the side and ran away!
We cycled around for a bit longer and decided to go for a quick drink at this cool floating restaurant, although it wasn’t as great as it looked and Charlie’s smoothie was pretty rank so we left. As we hadn’t had any lunch we decided to just go for an early dinner and stock up on some snacks incase we got hungry later. Charlie had spotted some place he wanted to try when we were looking for accommodation so we headed there. It was a really cute little restaurant/art gallery called confeti and as it was so early we were the only people in there. The food and service was AMAZING! I would defiantly recommend it, the spring rolls were the best we’ve ever had! After dinner we made our way back to the hotel for more free beer and pool before calling it a night as we had to leave the next day for hoi an.

I honestly can’t recommend google hotel enough, it was so great, the staff were all amazing an the amount of stuff they offer for free is unreal!! How they make any money I don’t know!!
Sadly didn’t get many pictures on my phone as they were all on my camera.




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