My 2014!

So its been quite a long time since i last posted (understatement of the year!) so i figured, New Year, now is as good a time as any to dust off the old blog and start posting again. Sadly this time i don’t have any amazing 6 month trip ahead of me, so after some serious inspiration from an amazing blog i’ve been reading i thought id try my hand at lifestyle blogging!

But first i think a little catch up is in order! A lot has changed since i last blogged about my amazing adventures in Vietnam. I’m back to living in Surrey and working in London (hence the updated name of the blog!) and i’m loving every minuet of it. Having London on my door step is so incredible, i have to try and remind myself not to take it for granted a lot of the time! I feel like i have really tried to experience London in the last year, mainly in terms of food and drink! As anyone that knows me will know i have a serious love of both food and booze! I don’t think i could count on my fingers or toes that number of new restaurants or bars i’ve been to. Having said that, Surrey is pretty great too! It’s nice being able to get out of the city as and when i need to. Any whooo, as i was saying before my little tangent, an update! I thought the best way to show you how much fun i had in 2014 was through a variety of pics to show you all the fun activities i got up to! So here goes!!



New Year 2014! Mayfair with my bestie!


Got to go to the ballet with my other faves!

IMG_5423 IMG_5403

I got to see Ellie Goulding in concert (shes my fave!)


I took my lovely mum out for Afternoon Tea for mother days at Oatlands Park HotelIMG_6131IMG_6206 IMG_6134

Went to Go Ape for my besties birthday

IMG_6488 IMG_6486 IMG_6474

Went to Kings Day in Amsterdam

IMG_6522 IMG_6882

Had a Birthday!

IMG_7849 DSCN2646 IMG_7852IMG_7885IMG_7891

Went to Lisbon with a super old friend and got to see Bastille! Another thing to tick off the bucket list!


Saw two of my beautiful friends graduate from Uni

IMG_7818 IMG_7814

Got to stay at the Shard, it was UNREAL!!!!!


Pretended to be a tiger for the day!

IMG_8020 IMG_8024IMG_8039IMG_8046IMG_8132 IMG_8126  IMG_8106

Went to New York and LA on a family holiday, saw my lovely friend Nathan and got to see Ella Henderson perform live for the first time in LA

nott notting hill notting

Went to Notting Hill carnival


Got a fancy new car!


Went burger making at Bobo social, so much fun, great date idea if anyones stuck for ideas!


Had a reunion with some great old friends!

IMG_9080 IMG_9097 IMG_9102

Helped organise a baby shower for the very first time! (Yes thats me in the baby photo!)

IMG_9173 IMG_9181

Went on a spa day with these lovelies!

IMG_9509 IMG_9510

Had a work Christmas do!

IMG_9581 IMG_9580

Stopped by the National History Museum


Had Christmas at home with my whole family


Spent another New Year with my bestie


And got the meet baby Ivy!!!!

So that was my year! There were also a tone of nights out and drunken times that i didn’t force you to look at as i look pretty awful!! 2015 has a lot to live up to, but already i think it will do, and i cant wait to share it with you all!


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