Holiday bikini dreams!

So i booked a holiday. And i can not wait! It was all very last min and spontaneous, which is very unlike me! Usually i like to sit for weeks on end researching the best deals and the best areas to go. But the person i’m going with was off skiing today, so it needed to be booked and sorted asap.

So next tuesday I’ll be flying off to Egypt for a whole week to do nothing but lie by the pool and stuff my face. Did i mention i was excited!? Last year i was lucky enough to go on a few lovely holidays, Amsterdam, Lisbon, New York and LA. But amazing as they all were, they were all pretty jam packed. What i usually call activity holidays, not relaxing beach holidays. I intend on this trip being just that! A relaxing beach holiday where very little is done! With that in mind i decided it was about time i invested in a new bikini, something i have ALWAYS had trouble with.

I find bikini shopping almost impossible! It might be because i’m picky, it might be because i have an odd body shape, who knows, but i always struggle! So i figured i should start looking now and give myself a couple of days to order and try a few bits before i jet off! So here are my top picks so far! Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 18.50.21Tringl – Milly. Tiffany Watson from MIC recently wore a style similar to this and i’ve been desperate to find it! After trawling through the internet i did! I love the colours they come in and the shape is great too. Only down side is its a little pricy at $89 plus $20 worldwide shipping, plus the 7-21day wait! Think this one may need to be ordered in time for my next trip! Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 18.54.13 ASOS – Roman Paisley Lattice Bikini. This one is a little more understated but still really cute. My only issue with this one is the extra detailing on the top, its going to be a mare for tan lines! But its a little more in my price range at £30 for the complete set. Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 19.36.45 Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 19.36.55 New Look – Pink Floral Print Bikini. I think this print is super cute and very girly. Its sort of a staple bikini that wont go out of fashion any time soon. I like the back detailing, but again those tan lines! £24.98 for the set isn’t too bad either. Might have to order this one while they still have my size. Oh the other good thing about this one is that the top comes in bra sizes rather than just dress sizes, so that should make for a better fit! I’m off to shop!


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