Dry January

I, like I’m sure most of you did, attempted dry January. It didn’t go well! I lasted all of two days before being taken to Proud Cabaret in the City, where i polished off a bottle of wine to myself and proceeded to embarrassingly dance on stage! But thats another story! So i then attempted dry january sunday-thursday. This has gone a little better! I’ve so far managed to resist temptation for mid week cocktails, which anyone that knows me will know is pretty good going for me!





Just a couple of examples that prove how tough this was for me!

Don’t get me wrong, i think the idea is great. I’m sure on average i drink too much and i know its probably not great for my health……but its FUN! And January of all months is when we need fun the most. We can all agree its the most depressing month of the year. All the joy and fun of Christmas and New Year are long forgotten, yet its still cold and miserable and summer feels like a life time away. So this is just a post to say, if you didn’t quite manage dry January, don’t worry about it! Unless your doing it to actually raise money for charity or because maybe the doctor told you you should, don’t beat yourself up about it! And don’t let that friend, who’s managed to stick to it, get up on their high horse and moan at you for it! (theres always one!) Order a shot and grin at them next friday night as you knock it back! Head to BeAtOne for happy hour, 2-4-1 cocktails, you cant beat it! Drinks on me everyone!



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