Nail’s nail’s nail’s

When i got back from traveling and started working a normal 9-5 job again i didn’t quite know what to do with myself! Before i went away i had been working 3 jobs (68hours a week) to save up. So coming home and having all this spare time in the evening left me craving a new hobby! My obsession with Instagram helped me discover this fantastic girl called Eva, she has the most amazing blog all about nail art, and she’s just incredible! I’ve never know anyone to create such intricate details on such a small surface! Her blog is in Danish, but she’s got everything covered and has a link you can click on that translate it all for you! Anyway, obsessive rant over! She inspired me to try out some designs. I should start by saying i was never good at art, drawing or painting so why i thought i would find this easy is completely beyond me! But i’ve always loved doing my nails, its something my mum and i used to do together when i was little and over time had developed what i thought was a fairly steady hand. Heres a couple of examples of bits i was pretty proud of!!


My Snow FlakeIMG_4708

My Snow man

IMG_4747Even managed a really mini snow man on my sister!

So after pretending to be a grown up for a while over Christmas, and having “normal” nails, i thought i would try a design i saw on pintrest the other day. I think its cute, and don’t think i did a bad job considering its been a while! I used 3 varnishes for this design, one of which i actually obtaining while in thailand so you wont be able to get your mits on that one, but i’m sure you can get one real similar over here!

nail varnishAnd heres the finished look!

nail art

nail art

I’m happy with it! If anyone has any tips or nail art ideas id love to hear them! And make sure you check out the blog i mentioned above, it really is GREAT!


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