Baby Talk

You may remember me mentioning in one of my last posts that at the start of this year i got to meet baby Ivy. Baby Ivy is one of my bestest friends daughter and she’s the first of my closest friends to of had a baby. She’s adorable. Possibly the cutest baby around! She’s so good and has the cutest little button nose i’ve ever seen, and i have three younger siblings that would have given her a serious run for her money on that claim! But just look at her!




A funny thing happens when the first of your friends have a baby. We all suddenly pretend to be really grown up and start talking about things like nappies, breast feeding, sleepless nights and burping, while all pretending we know what were on about when really we don’t have a clue! All whilst trying our hardest to hide the HUGE grin on our faces at ever murmur, silly face and yawn she makes. All of us getting a touch maternal until she starts grizzling (as she really doesn’t do much more than that) for her next feed. So this post was really just to say, welcome to the world Ivy!


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