Giggling school girls

Last night I went to go and see my two favorite school friends!


These two know my deepest darkest secrets!! And when we get together it’s like no time has passed at all! Harry had to work a little late so hung and I went for a drink first. We had planned to go to Carriage 36 but after walking round for a while we sadly realized it was shut! Our plans had sadly been crushed, so we wandered round to the next nearest place to get out of the cold!

We stumbled into Cubana, which looked like a fun Mexican place. The service was pretty dismal and there was no where to sit, so we speedily drank our coffees and went in hunt of somewhere better!

Last week I had organised a work drinks at Slylon on the south bank so I suggested there. We arrived and despite them being very busy we were greeted with the most fantastic service, with someone constantly looking around trying to find us a seat. We managed to grab a couple of seats at the bar and I proceeded to break my dry Sunday-Thursday January! I realized with my up coming holiday next week I’d be breaking it all week then, so why not start now!!

I ordered a “double peach” Bellini and hung ordered her own cocktail “Baileys and milk!” She’s not a big drinker in case you hadn’t guessed!!


We proceeded to catch up while over looking the Thames in all it’s night time glory. Harry arrived soon after and before we knew it we were reminiscing and giggling like the young school girls we once were!!




I really can’t recommend Skylon enough. We didn’t have time to eat sadly, but we all promised to go back and have dinner for our next catch up as the food we did see looked amazing! The staff are fantastic and the cocktails are great! If your looking for somewhere not too far from Waterloo but still with a touch of class and a great view, this is your place!!!
Square Meal


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