Top 5 Holiday Essentials

As i may have mentioned just a couple of times, i’m off on holiday!!! And i’m only a little bit excited about it!! So excited in fact that i may have started semi packing already! (I’m not going until tuesday!) I’m usually super organised and have all my bits prepped and ready to go in advance anyway, but even for me this is a little excessive! So as i cant stop thinking about my up coming week in the sun, i figured i would share with you my top 5 holiday essentials!


1. My Kindle Fire – This doesn’t have to be a tablet, in fact i think for holidays a good old fashioned book is better, as you don’t have to worry about charging it or it getting wet by the pool. But i do love my kindle, and the joys of taking this with you is that it will also keep you occupied on the plane. I got mine just before i went traveling all those years ago so its not the most up to date model, but it does the job just fine! It also has a built in camera so if anything goes wrong with item no.3 i know i have a back up!

2. Sunglasses – I struggle with sunglasses almost as much as i do with bikini’s. I’m pretty sure i just have a really odd shaped face! But a great pair of dark UV sunglasses are a complete MUST when going somewhere hot and sunny, if nothing else, so you can stair at the hot tottie round the pool with no one realising!

3. Camera – For me this probably the most important thing! Even before i was blogging, i was always the girl in my group of friends that brought my camera on a night out! I just love looking back on photos. Plus i have a dreadful memory so i get worried if i don’t snap i’ll forget what happened! Plus everyone love boring their friends when they get home with their holiday snaps don’t they!!

4. A well fitting Bikini – As i mentioned in my previous post finding a good bikini for me is really tough! So when you manage to get one that makes you look like a sun goddess, BRING IT! And while your at it, maybe even buy 10 more in an assortment of colours so you know you’ve always got one!!!

5. After Sun – I may be in the minority here, but in recent years, my skin doesn’t tan as well as it used to. Possibly because i’m not going on as many holidays, or maybe just because i’m getting old, waaaaaaaah 😦 But for some reason, despite the fact that i know this, i still somehow mange to burn on most of my holidays!!! I apply sun cream, re-apply and keep an eye on myself while i’m in the sun, but i still somehow manage to overcook myself! So aftersun for me is a BIG must have. Even if you don’t burn, you should always re-hydrate your skin after being in the sun, so its a must have for everyone!!

I’m off to continue my very advanced packing! If you think i’ve missed anything off, let me know!

P.S the passport is obvious, everyone knows that!


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