Egyptian Adventure

I haven’t posted in well over a week, so i’m well and truly sorry! I had every intention of posting whilst away, to update you daily on everything Egypt had to offer, but the wifi was pretty rubbish, (it was only available in reception and kept cutting out) and i struggled to get myself out of the sun long enough to write a post! So apologies, i’m a terrible blogger, i know!

But can you blame me when i was sat next to this every day……


Let me start at the beginning. Ed and I arrived into Hurghada airport just as the sun was setting after a 5 hour flight. We grabbed our bags and headed for the visa desk. Thankfully we had read everywhere that you better buying your visa direct from a little desk to the left than through your holiday rep. Passports stamped we boarded the coach to our hotel, Makadi Spa. Our hotel was the first drop, which always makes me happy as i always worry if you drop other people off first you will get jealous thinking their hotel is better than yours! Thankfully this was NOT the case!

We arrived, had a quick briefing, got our all inclusive bands and were taken to our rooms. The rooms were STUNNING! And i like to think I’ve stayed in some nice places! I really couldn’t have been happier, i was quite literally jumping for joy as it was so beautiful.


This isn’t the best image. Again, apologies! I was far too excited! But as you can see we had a separate seating area with an L shaped sofa and a huge flat screen TV on the wall. The bathroom was also lovely and the bed was so huge i could lie length ways and still have space! But i think the best bit was the view…


The view at night
1036The view in the day

We rushed down to ‘the world’ restaurant, which is the main buffet restaurant in the hotel for dinner. They had SUSHI, in the buffet. If i was sold already i was now! Then we had a couple of drinks at the bar and had a wonder round before passing out, excited for our week ahead.

The next two days were spent lounging by the pool, doing pretty much nothing other than reading and sunbathing, as holidays should be spent! 001


Our hotel had 5 a la cart restaurants within it, but there were also 4 other hotels connected to ours and we were able to use all of their services which was amazing, not that we really took advantage of it! So the first night we headed to the steak restaurant in our hotel. The starters were OK, but the main was amazing. We both had fillet of steak and it came in a lovely sauce. Couldn’t fault it. All the staff are also so great, they really cant do enough for you! The second night we headed to the Asian restaurant which was just as lovely. We shared a few starters including sushi, dumplings and chicken skewers. The mains were also really lovely and again the staff were AMAZING.

On the Friday we had to be up bright and early for our quad biking trip. We were picked up by our Red Sea Holidays rep and taken into the desert. There was a fairly large group of us, most of which were German so our guide took us to one side to explain everything in English! Our German leaves a lot to be desired! After our quick demo we were given our fancy head scarfs to protect us from all the sand and jumped on our quad bikes. We did a quick lap outside to make sure everyone had figured out how to use the bikes (you’d be surprised how difficult this was for some!) and then split into two groups. Ed sped off ahead, much to my disappointment, as i had somehow got stuck in the slow group due to the woman in front of me not going more than about 2mph. We soon set off chasing the fast group into the desert. 002

After about 40 mins we had reached our destination, a Bedouin camp in the middle of no where!

003 (2)


Our guide took us on a little walk to the top of one of the hills so we could see over all the camp before taking us off for a quick camel ride (has to be done in Egypt!).




We then were given a proper tour of the camp which was so interesting. Its a little mind blowing the think people still live like that. We saw their “chemist” and their huge well. Before we knew it we were back on our quad bikes riding through the desert again, back to where we started. The trip was so much fun and cant thank my lovely friend Chloe for recommending it! That night we tried the Spanish restaurant in our hotel. It wasn’t the best but was OK. The other two restaurants we had tried were much much better. After dinner we decided to have a few drinks……Its safe to say we got a little carried away! We made some great friends, drank too much and danced the night away!! 975




It’s safe to say i was very hung over the next day! Ed on the other hand was fine. That made me feel even worse! After another day spend by the pool, me groaning about my hang over, we sent back to the steak restaurant as the food was so great. On the Sunday we set off for our snorkeling trip to Orange Bay. We were on the boat nice and early and set off pretty quickly. 1016


It was another stunning day and after only an hour or so on the boat we had reached our first snorkeling stop. We got kitted up and jumped in. Its safe to say the water was……..fresh! I’m a big wimp when it comes to stuff like this anyway, but it really wasn’t the warmest! The coral and fish more than made up for it though. I couldn’t even begin to try and tell you how many different species of fish there were, it was so beautiful. Sadly my camera isn’t water proof so could get any snaps down there!  1018


We were swimming around for about 40 mins before jumping back on the boat to warm up and head to the next spot. I was a big wuss and didn’t get in the second time! I could quite bare the cold. Once they were done we were off to Orange Bay for some lunch. The island was stunning and the food was pretty good too. 1022




We sunbathed and relaxed for a good hour and a half before jumping back on board our lovely little boat and heading back to the harbor. It was a really great day and would recommend the trip to anyone considering it, the staff on the boat were all really fun and our guide had some great facts about the fish! We headed to the Asian restaurant again that evening as we had enjoyed it so much the first time round.

Before we knew it, it was our last day and time to come home 😦 But we had the most amazing time and i really cant recommend Makadi Spa enough. We only had one issue the whole time we were there and that was with the hot water, but after insisting someone came up with me to look at it, it was resolved. Oh and the bath would drain properly, but again, we told them and it was fixed by the time we got back to our room! So if your looking for some winter sun, that isn’t too far away this is the place to go!


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