Tree House!

Tonight was family dinner, so we headed to a fairly new place in Weybridge called The Tree House. Its been open a little while now, and its safe to say, the location could be classed as somewhat doomed! Every restaurant that has been there before it hasn’t lasted long. Its hard to say what the reason could be. Most of the ones before it were chains so that could be why, but theres also no parking which for families is always a big no no! However, so far, The Tree House seems to be doing well.

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 23.27.42


Its a favourite among my siblings (10, 8 and 6) due to their secret room upstairs. Its every kids dream! I don’t know about you, but sometimes when your young, going out for dinner with your family wasn’t all that exciting. You have to sit round the table on your best behaviour because “were at a restaurant”. But The Tree House have eliminated that issue by adding a kids den style room upstairs.


There is another screen behind this one, on the other side. One hooked up to a PS4, the other to an Xbox One and 4 gaming chairs for the kids to sit in. They have a tone of games to keep the kids occupied and two controllers for each console so you can play multiplayer too.


They also have a WII hooked up to this big screen on the other side of the room, with i think either 3 or 4 controllers so everyone can play! They also have all sorts of board games, colouring in and as you can see from the first picture a foosball table. They also tend to have one member of staff up there at all times keeping an eye on the kids and making sure nothing gets broken!

So for this reason alone, its the first place my siblings choose when asked if they want to go out for dinner! The food and service arnt bad either. As i said before, we’ve been a few times so ive had the chance to sample a few things on the menu, most of which are of pretty high quality, however a little over priced. Tonight i started with a cosmo (its been a long day!)


Which was actually really nice! I always find despite being such an old school cocktail, so many places cant seem to get it right, but they have here. For main i had the chicken and mushroom risotto. Despite what it might look like, it was actually a really big portion, which is always nice! My brother and step dad both had the steak so managed to get a snap of that, but sadly didn’t manage the other dishes.



My brother’s steak was great, but sadly my step dads really wasn’t. It was very fatty and not cooked all that well either. We mentioned it to the waitress but nothing was done until my step dad (never one to shy away) really made a point and they then took it off the bill. The service can be pretty hit and miss here. We’ve been before and its been pretty rubbish, waiting ages for menu’s and for our order to be taken, but then we have been other times and its been great, so just don’t never know with this place! But overall tonight, we had a lovely time. My sister and I even tried out our red noses for everyone to see!


It’s certainly one to check out if you have kids as it does mean you can have a fairly relaxed meal while keeping everyone happy. They also do a pretty good sunday roast!


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