My secret obsession

I have a bit of an obsession. Its not a particularly bad one, in terms of things to be obsessed with! I’m sure there are far worse out there, but none the less its safe to say I’m obsessed. What is it you may ask……..I’m obsessed with the Stylist!

stylist magazine

I love everything about it! I love the fact that its free, I genuinely get excited on a wednesday evening (everyone needs something to look forward to on hump day!), leaving work, knowing i can pick up this weeks edition. I have them scattered everywhere, my room, my car and you will always find one in my hand bag, slightly tattered from where its been in there a while, but i refuse to throw it away because there was some hairstyle/dress/restaurant/holiday destination i don’t want to forget. One of the first ever Stylist’s i picked up had an interview with a young woman who works for the W hotel giving a detailed account of what a normal working day for her could consist of. Her job sounded amazing. I was hooked.


They have this section every week and i just love it! I don’t know if its because i’m super nosy, so i love hearing what other peoples “normal” days consist of, or if its just because it gives you an insight into other job roles and what possibilities are out there. Some of the jobs are things you would never even think of!

Don’t think my obsession stops there though. Oh no! I’m also pretty addicted to their daily emails. They have a section in every email called “Cocktails & Cappuccinos”. This section of the email probably dictates where i will be heading out for dinner at least one night of the week!

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 15.24.26

They also recently created the most amazing version of google maps which shows you all the places they have ever reviewed, so if your ever stuck in a part of town your not familiar with, this will give you a great variety of places to try!

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 15.50.51

And then there is their competitions! I think i have probably entered EVERY.SINGLE.ONE! I’m yet to win anything, but I’m still hoping. My luck has to come in soon right!?

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 15.29.22

So there you have it! My obsession is finally out there! I like to think it doesn’t affect my life too much, day to day! But i’m sure thats pretty debatable!


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