The Greedy Elephant

So a couple of years back i went to Thailand. I LOVED IT. Its safe to say its probably one of my favorite countries. I love the food, i love the people, i love the beaches, i love it all! So when i returned home i was somewhat depressed and yearning for a Thai red curry! Not long after i got home the Greedy Elephant opened up in Weybridge. Its safe to say i was dubious. I had just returned from the real thing, this was never going to match up… would only be a disappointment, surely. But my NEED for Thai food kept on growing so i decided to give it a chance. I’ve loved it ever since!


Last night i decided to treat myself and get a take away from here as they are a proper restaurant and offer a take away service. But they don’t do delivery sadly, so you will have to go and pick it up, but trust me, its worth it!

The restaurant itself is lovely though, so if you’d rather make a proper night of it then let me show you whats in store for you!





The restaurant isn’t huge, but it doesn’t really need to be. The staff are all lovely and always happy to chat about Thailand with you or recommend food options. But the food is really the show stopper. I’m a bit of a stickler for a good Red Thai Curry so i tend to stick with what i know and order this almost every time! I also always get it with chicken.




But its soooooooooooooo good! Can you blame me! I probably should have got a larger bowl, got a little over excited while pouring in my curry! The portion sizes are great though, I nearly always finish it because it tastes so good, but also nearly always feel sick afterwards from stuffing my face so much! I really cant rave about this place more, its great authentic Thai food and its not all that expensive either. I’m actually getting hungry again just looking at these photos! YUM!


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