Murakami Lunch

I love sushi. I always have. Ever since i was little and my mum forced me to try it once. Its safe to say its my favorite. So when i had seen/heard all the reviews about the new Murakami restaurant that had opened up, just down the road from my office, i couldn’t resist dragging my bestest work friend Tasha along for a Friday treat! 005

Inside they have done a great job transforming it. It used to be a great little bar called Kamique that we frequented a couple of times for work drinks. But all signs of this little place have disappeared and been replaced with the sleek, funky, new, 3 kitchen restaurant.



Yes that’s a moss covered wall you can see!



As its Friday Treat Day (this is an actual thing in our office) we decided it was only right to have a browse over the cocktail menu and soon enough we were giggling like little school girls! Lets say they had some rather entertaining names for their cocktails!


We decided to go for it and order an X-Rated porn star martini and a murakami cosmo. They were both lovely, though the X-Rated porn star martini defo had a kick to it! (Its X-Rated because it has chili in it!)



Tasha struggled to blow out her flaming cocktail for a little while!


The cocktails were delicious, but as we had to go back to the office we stuck to just one! The food is a little on the pricy side but the quality is more than worth it. But because of this, Tasha and i decided to go for salmon sashimi to start with and then the spicy set from the sharing menu.

sushi food



sushiThe food was SOOOOOOOO good and more than enough for two people thankfully. So much so that we had to take some away in a doggy bag! Also the spicy set wasn’t too spicy, which for us was perfect. You could tell it wasn’t just normal sushi, but it wasn’t blow your head off hot. The set also had a really nice mix of bits on it, my favorite was the spicy salmon gukan. I would highly recommend it here. As i said before its a little pricy, but we left so full we could barely waddle back to the office, and if you book online before you go they are offering 30% off at the moment on the A la cart menu, so win win!

DSCN2803Isn’t she just the cutest!!
Square Meal


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