50 Shades of Grey

This weekend, I, like many other couples, went to go and see 50 Shades of Grey. Having read all three books i secretly had high hopes, despite knowing deep down i would probably be disappointed.


I had been pretty disappointed from the get go, before seeing any of the tailors or really knowing just how alike it would be to the book. Am i the only person that thinks the casting just didn’t fit the characters in the book? Don’t get me wrong, Jamie Dornan is a lovely looking guy, and i’m sure hes a lovely person……but hes not Christian Grey. Equally with Dakota Johnson, shes just not Anastasia Steele. I would like to make a point that this has nothing to do with their acting either, i just don’t think they fit the characters.

All this aside, i was obviously going to go and see it. And the really sad thing is, i don’t even feel like i can form an opinion on it now that i have seen it, all thanks to the very inconsiderate people in the cinema. Ed and I went to the Brixton ritzy cinema.

Ritzy cinema Brixton London England UK

It was packed. Now for those of you that haven’t been here before, the Brixton ritzy is one of those cinemas that has a bar and allows you to take in drinks you have purchased there. This is usually a great thing. Whats better than enjoying your movie with a bottle of wine or beer. However…….on this occasion it was dreadful. Huge groups of friends who had clearly all had far too much to drink, and then carried on drinking throughout the film, thought it was acceptable to chat, laugh and make loud comments about their opinions on the movie the whole way through. One guy actually got up half way through and announced to the whole cinema that he would “rather watch David Cameron have sex than watch the rest of this”. If they are your thoughts on the movie, fine, but there is no need to disturb the rest of the cinema with them.

Because of all the disruption i really didn’t feel like i could concentrate on the movie. I tried to get into it, but i just couldn’t. Was it just because of the disruptive people in the cinema? Or was it just because the movie wasn’t great? Its hard to tell. I feel like i need to watch the movie again, at home with no disruptions. However the fact that the movie has currently only got a 4/10 star rating on IMDB may suggest its just not all that. My suggestion….don’t go and see it at the cinema, if you can hold out, just wait, i think you may just enjoy it a little bit more, even if you don’t enjoy it that much either way!


What did you think of the movie if you’ve seen it already? And if you haven’t are you still planning on seeing it despite all the negative reviews?


6 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey

  1. I, like you, had low expectation of the film. I agree that the casting is not what I thought the characters should be, especially since the actors looked a lot older than the characters in the books were. And after reading some bad reviews, I was expecting a horrible movie.
    However, I was happily surprised. I really enjoyed it. Sure, a lot was missing from the book, but I think it held up on its own. I’m already looking forward to the next one. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the casting is not right, but they were great at acting, and they had chemistry, so I ended up ignoring the books descriptions, and just enjoying the movie.


  2. I am waiting for the DVD to come out in June. As the film has had such mixed reviews I dont want to pay the extortionate cinema prices to find out I don’t like it when I can simply sell the DVD on or give it to a friend if I dont like the film. I liked the books and find that the majority of the time when they make a movie it just isn’t as good as the book it is based on


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