The Nether and cocktails at The Radisson

Today is my beautiful friend Chloe’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) so as part one of her celebrations we went to go see The Nether at the Duke of York’s Theatre on St Martin’s Lane. I’m a huge fan of the theatre so i was pretty excited.

Let me give you a little background on the play. It was written by Jennifer Haley and is only running for 12 weeks so grab tickets while you can. With out giving too much away, the play is about an online realm where real people can log on and depict themselves as whoever they want to be. Completely anonymously. These realm’s seem and feel like real life, all the normal sensations seem real. So then throughout the play you are posed the question of, should what you do in these realm’s have real life consequences as all your actions seem so real. I don’t want to go into any more detail than that!

We grabbed a quick burrito from Chipotle on the way and then headed for the theatre.

theatreDoesn’t the theatre look lovely! London at night really is the best! Anyway…..we headed down to the bar, obviously, to wet our whistles before taking our seats. Sadly you can’t take your glasses into the theatre which we weren’t aware of, so we had to drink our Prosecco far quicker than is usually acceptable!



The show was just amazing. It’s only an hour and 15mins, but with no interval you really are gripped the whole time. The story line is pretty dark, so don’t think you will come away giggling and laughing, its not that kind of show. What it is, is fantastically thought provoking, amazing acted and has the most brilliant simplistic yet stunningly beautiful set. Obviously you cant take any photos inside, so i managed to find a couple online to give you an idea of what your in for.




The Nether by Jennifer Haley, Royal Court, London

Once we were done at the theatre we thought it was only right to go grab one last cocktail as we were celebrating after all, so we headed to Scoff and Banter at the Radisson Blu in Leicester Square. I’ve been here before for food and had a lovely time, it was a while ago to be fair but still. This time it was not so great, much to our disappointment. The look and feel of the place is amazing, it has great ambiance with big suede sofa’s and over sized arm chairs. The cocktails are also great, its just the service that really lets this place down. I, eventually, ordered a cosmo and the girls both ordered porn star martini’s. After waiting a good 15mins (bare in mind it was not at all busy) we saw our cocktails sitting at the bar while the waiter was on his phone. After another 5mins just staring at our drinks i decided to just get up and grab them, it was getting silly!



And credit where credit’s due, they were lovely. Thankfully we didn’t want another drink though as no one came back to check everything was ok or ask if we wanted to order anything else. None the less we sat and chatting all things girly, having a lovely time catching up and discussing the further celebrations in the week as well as our up coming trip away.

After a long wait we managed to find someone who could bring us the bill, and while paying another customer came over asking if anyone was going to bother with their bill, they had clearly been waiting longer than we had! So not the best. But we still had fun!

But going back to the highlight of the night, please, please, please go and see this show. It honestly is one of the best things i’ve seen in a long time. Have any of you seen it? What did you think? Did you love it as much as we did? I really hope so!


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