Birthday celebrations and lunch at Jackson and Rye

As i mentioned before, last week was my lovely friend Chloe’s birthday. So on Saturday we headed to Richmond for afternoon tea, or at least that was the plan. The birthday girl, my self, Simona, Sarah and baby Ivy all trotted up to the Tea Box, only to very quickly be turned away as they had no space. We were all a little disappointed but didn’t let it dampen our spirits, we were celebrating after all, one crumby little tea room wouldn’t ruin our day! So we headed to the river in search of somewhere warm and cosy for a late lunch instead. Sarah spotted Jackson and Rye which set just a little bit back from the river and we all decided this was a great choice.


I really should have got some photos of the river, but we were all too busy ooing and arring at baby Ivy! But who can blame me, shes just so precious!


We were given a lovely booth inside, tucked round the corner to give us more than enough room. Simona and I, evidently now the drinkers of the group, started with cocktails, while Chloe and Sarah went for something a little more afternoon appropriate! Our food quickly arrived and we started tucking in, Ivy was very considerate and slept the whole way through lunch meaning mummy Sarah could actually enjoy her food!





The birthday girl opted for the Angler’s eggs, more of a brunch option than late lunch, but it was her birthday so anything goes! Simona went for the toasted reuben which i had known from experience was great here! I couldn’t resist the Salmon special which really was amazing, and Sarah had the butter chicken. The food got raving reviews all round and pretty much clear plates, with a little bit of help! Almost on cue, as soon as we had finished Ivy woke up for her lunch.


Meaning the birthday girl could get some cuddle time in while the rest of us looked on longingly waiting our turn!



Ivy made sure she gave Chloe her special birthday present too, even though it wasn’t very well received!!! With bubba soon sound asleep again it was time for pudding, obviously!




Between the three of us (Sarah was full to the brim with chicken!) we got through pecan pie, toasted marshmallows and potted vanilla cheese cake, none of which we needed any help finishing! The food was all delicious and the service really was impeccable, our waiter was so lovely, giving us his opinions on all the dishes and really couldn’t do enough for us.

Stuffed, to the point of nearly feeling sick, we headed back to Sarah’s for………..Birthday cake! And prosecco!



Before getting dolled up to the nines, and heading out to celebrate properly. Ivy decided to call it a night and stay in, it had been a very long day after all! But she couldn’t resist getting involved with the compulsory pre-night out photo shoot!






We headed to our old stomping ground in Kingston and proceeded to dance the night away! There are a few more photos i could share with you, but i think the girls might just kill me!! But we certainly kept it classy…………



Aren’t we just lovely!
Square Meal


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