Pop-up’s in and around London are hardly difficult to come by. All promising something different a new. So when i heard about SwingersLDN its safe to say i was pleasantly surprised. It actually is something totally new! A nine hole golf course in the heart of Shoreditch with a full bar and somewhere you can grab food…….sounds like a dream night out!


Almost as soon as i heard about it, i went on to their website to try and book tickets. It was fully booked until January. I wanted to cry. They do however offer “grounders” tickets, tickets that they hold back on a first come first serve basis for people that weren’t quick enough to book in advance. So back in October that’s what Ed and i opted for. Arriving bang on 6pm we were the first in the cue, sure we would have the first lot of playing tickets available. We were thoroughly disappointed. Turns out the one night we had decided to go, they had a corporate event on and so couldn’t offer anyone else the chance to play. For some reason they didn’t think to let anyone know that in advance. I was so mad, but secretly still really wanted to go! So, when i heard they had released some more tickets the week they were due to close i knew i had to nab a couple. Thankfully i did! So we were off in search of some real “competitive socializing”



I want to apologise in advance as my photos are terrible! The lighting wasn’t the best and i spent a lot of the time playing with different settings on my camera to try and get a decent shot. I didn’t manage it!

Anyway, we dropped our bags, grabbed our score card, balls and clubs, picked up the obligatory booze on the way through and started at hole one! The rules were pretty simple. You only get 6 attempts at the hole, if you still haven’t got it in by then, your officially rubbish and just get given a 6! First hole……….i got a 6! I’m pretty sure that was also supposed to be the easiest hole! It didn’t bode well for the rest of the game! But i managed to bring it back……sort of! Hole 2 was much harder, it had three ramps, each were different widths, the wider the ramp, the further away it was from the hole.


Ed smashed it, obviously! I didn’t do quite so well! But i got less than 6 this time, so i was improving! Hole 3 had a ramp either side with the hole in the middle. Hit it too hard and you would end up the other side, hit it too soft and the ball would end up back at your feet! Ed got a very jammy 2 on this while, while i followed with a respectable 3!

As you move round the course you end up making friends with the people in front and behind you as occasionally you have to wait for a few mins for you can move on to the next hole, so everyone ends up cheering each other on, which is great if your doing well. Not so great if its just everyone watching you smash the ball off course!!!

We watched on as everyone attempted hole 4, a very slim ramp guiding you across the sand on both sides, with no edges, so if you didn’t hit it perfectly straight, you were doomed!



I managed a 3, yes that’s right a 3!!! I was very proud of myself, and even did a little happy dance!! Ed then managed a 2 and put me to shame! I was losing, but quite a long way, but having the best time non the less!

Hole 5 took it up a whole other gear with a loop the loop!




I eventually managed to get it round and not get a 6 so i was pleased with myself!





We smashed out the next 3 holes and before we knew it we were on the final one! This one even had a water feature! By this point there was no coming back for me, Ed was winning by miles so i had accepted my defeat!




They do offer two different street food options at Swingers which have changed on a fairly regular basis. While we were there it was Pizza Pilgrims and Butchies. We decided against eating there though as i’m not a big pizza person (yes i know i’m crazy!) and we didn’t really fancy chicken, so we went in search of food elsewhere.

Sadly Swingers is closing today so you can’t get tickets any more, however i’m sure they will be back as they were such a huge success. Who got the chance to go while it was open? What did you think? And the ultimate question……where you as rubbish as me!?


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