Drinks in the Sky!

On Sunday evening i was whisked off for a very romantic evening at the Sky Garden in the Walkie Talkie tower in the city. This place hasn’t been open long, but as soon as i heard about it i was desperate to go, it combines my main loves in life, skyline views of London and cocktails! What more could a girl want!


Side note, how cool are these menu’s! I love the fact that the background is an arial view of London, its like the start of Eastenders only better! Way, way, way better!

After getting through the airport style security downstairs we jumped into a super speedy lift up to the 35th floor where you walk out to the most incredible view of the Shard.


Again, apologies about the photo quality, its real hard trying to get photos with no reflection at this place! But just look at that view! I have a real thing for skylines, especially at night, but surely everyone can agree that that is pretty breath taking!

After being throughly stunned for a few mins, we decided to investigate the actual garden itself. The garden runs up along both sides of the main area on floors 36 and 37 that hold two amazing looking restaurants.


Your able to walk all the way to the top and round down the other side which offers the most fantastic 360 degree views of London in all its glory. On one side you have the London Eye, Big Ben and St Pauls, round the back you can see as far as Wembley stadium and down the other side you have the most fantastic view of Tower Bridge and of course the Tower of London.

After a lap of the whole place Ed and i decided to grab a drink from the Sky Pod bar before settling down to really take in the view properly.


I couldn’t resist and had to order a “High In The Sky”, when in Rome and all that! Sadly it wasn’t the best cocktail I’ve ever had, but the novelty was more than worth it! After we got our drinks Ed and i scurried off like excited children, into the middle of the garden to find two perfect little places to perch our bums and look down on the whole of London, cocktail n’ all!


Whilst trying to figure out exactly how they water such a beautiful garden in the sky.

We sipped and chatted whilst taking in the view before again deciding to go and investigate a bit further. There was another stair case up one side of the garden that we hadn’t been up previously as no one else seemed to be venturing up there, but with the places emptying out, plus a little dutch courage we decided to sneak up, only to find we were more than allowed up there anyway! The stair case lead to two beautiful and very fancy looking restaurant. One, the Darwin Brasserie, the other Fenchurch Seafood Bar and Grill, both looking lovely and crisp with their leather seats and the most amazing wine glasses i’ve ever seen. Both are on my list to come back and try very soon!

I tried and failed to get some more decent pictures to try and show off just how amazing the view is so gave up and decided to call it a night, but here are a couple of my attempts!




Like i said, not great, sadly!

If you do want to go and check it out, (i really do recommend you do) just bare in mind that you are supposed to book tickets, even though they are free, as i assume they can get really busy and also wouldn’t be surprised if they hold the occasional private function there too.

Has anyone else got any great sky bars/restaurants that i should be checking out to help feed my slightly bizzar addiction!? Has anyone already been to the Sky garden? What did you think?

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