Joy & The Stylist Shopper event

Last week i was invited to a great event held by Joy and the Stylist. They had teamed up to put on a load of exclusive shopper events up and down the country. So after work i trotted up to Wardour Street to get stuck in.


As soon as i strolled through the entrance i was handed a glass of bubbly, which always goes down well in my books! The store looked lovely and had been decorated especially for the occasion with balloons, a treat table filled with cupcakes and bags of sweets, a DJ down stairs and a manicure table with a lovely elegant touch specialist on hand to sort out your paws for you.


DSCN3027 14-32-39



The store looked great and whilst wondering around i also spotted the “Stylist Loves” items. They were offering 2 for 1 on a couple of items too, as well as 20% off if you spend over £50.



I grabbed my favourite finds and headed to the changing rooms. I decided on a lovely bright yellow number to wear the following evening for work drinks and headed back upstairs to assess the manicure cue. It was pretty long so i decided against it, but couldn’t help being a little mesmerised by the elegant touch lady working her magic!




When i finished staring like a weirdo i joined the cue for the till and purchased my new goodies and was also given a lovely little goodie bag too.


It contained a coconut water, a set of elegant touch stick on nails, an oyster card holder, the Joy signature cat necklace and a couple of discount vouchers. All in all, a lovely little freebee bag! The event was lovely and defo worth heading over to next time they hold one, for those of you that missed out. Did any of you manage to make it? Or did you go to any of the other events across the country that they had on?


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