Sticks N Sushi

Last night i indulged oh so much! I met my lovely friend Shay, who i haven’t seen for faaaaar too long as she was swanning off around the world, for cocktails, food and a good old natter. My dream night really! We went to a place called Sticks n Sushi in Covent Garden. I’ve walked past it before and always wanted to try it, so this seemed like the perfect time.

017From the outside this place looks like a cute little sushi restaurant. I was so surprised by how huge it was inside! Spread over two floors, the top floor full of busy tables, downstairs a long bar to sit at where you can watch the incredible chef’s at work. They have two other restaurants too, one in Wimbledon and one in Greenwich. So if Covent Garden is a little too central for you, they got it covered. 013



We took our seats and had the menu explained to us by the very helpful waitress. There is so much to choose from, so if your stuck for choice they do have a whole platters menu, some just sushi, some just sticks, and of course a mixture of the two. We started with the necessities before even looking at the menu!


One passion fruit and one raspberry shojito, they only have the ginger one on the menu, but if you ask they will happily make you these two delights. Fresh and fruity, its the perfect drink to start with.


After trying to whittle the menu down from EVERYTHING to a more manageable amount we opted for, grilled Edamame beans tossed in garlic, soy and ginger, grilled tenderstem broccoli, grilled corn and salmon carpaccio to start with (just a light starter!)


The salmon was my fave. Topped with trout roe, chives, lime marinade and miso-aïoli, it was light and a fantastic mix of flavors. I honestly could have eaten it all night!

Then we got stuck into the sticks! The sticks come in portions of one or two so they are designed for sharing but mean you can mix and match if there’s something your after that your partner in crime doesn’t feel like. We chose the scallops wrapped in bacon, salmon with teriyaki sause and asparagus also wrapped in bacon. The scallops were divine, make sure you order them, they were cooked to perfection.

008And of course we needed some sushi to top it all off. Our lovely waitress suggested the black cod dragon roll and the hell’s kitchen roll, so that’s exactly what we went for.



They were both delicious, but i think i preferred the hell’s kitchen roll that had tempura prawns, avocado, spicy sauce and topped with tuna & barbecue sauce. They were soooooooooo good. All the rolls come in portions of 6 or 8, obviously we had 8!

After all that food you would think we were done wouldn’t you. I would have been, but after a breather Shay convinced me to get pudding with her and i was so glad that i did! The desserts are like little works of art. Again you can order them individually or in portions of 4 or 9! I just went for one, seeing as i already felt like i was going to have to be rolled out the restaurant. Shay however couldn’t resist ordering 4. They are pretty small portions though so it was probably the perfect amount.


Shays portion of 4 consisted of vanilla ice cream with nougatine, chocolate cake with crystallised white chocolate, orange crème brûlée, dark fondant with chocolate caramel & peppermint centre topped with hazelnut brittle. They all tasted just as great as they looked.


I just opted for the chocolate cake with crystallised white chocolate. It was the perfect bite size after everything i had eaten already, and the perfect way to end our amazing meal!

I can’t recommend this place enough, the food was incredible and the service was great, despite the incessant shouting of welcome in Japanese every time someone came in to the restaurant. That got a little tiresome after the 3rd time. But it most certainly wasn’t enough to put me off coming again, in face Shay even booked it for her birthday! Have any of you been to any of the other restaurants? If so what did you think?

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