Berlin Day One

A couple of weeks ago my lovely friend Chloe sent me an email at work letting me know she had a week off and we were going to go away! Obviously i said YES! Simona managed to get the time off from her fancy new job too, and before we knew it, our last min girls trip to Berlin had finally come round and boy were we excited! We arrived at the airport bright and early and grabbed three full english breakfasts before smashing duty free and running to the plane!



Before we knew it we were touching down in Berlin, post plane snooze obviously! With some help from the tourist desk we figured out our route to where we were staying and navigated the trains pretty seamlessly considering our embarrassing lack of knowledge of the German language. An hour later we were picking up our keys from a very entertain cafe next door and strolling through our HUGE orange doors to our apartment which was amazingly decorated!






We dropped our stuff and headed to the nearest cafe with wifi so we could figure out exactly what we wanted to do for the next couple of days and just generally plan. By this point it was also early afternoon too so we were pretty desperate for food.


We grabbed a very comfy looking sofa, ordered some food and got the maps out.



Obviously with cocktails in hand at the same time though! Shortly after our food arrived and our jaws dropped! The portions were HUGE especially for the price! I had ordered “meat balls” Sim had a schnitzel and Chloe went for a chicken breast dish. They all looked amazing and we couldn’t wait to dig in!





The food was sooooooo good and we all tried desperately hard to finish it all but i don’t think any of us quite managed it, Sim came very close though! Once we had finished up and now had a plan in place we set off in search of the supermarket to stock up on necessities for the next couple of days…..booze, snacks and hang over food! I’m not quite sure why, but we actually found the supermarket fascinating, i think we actually ended up sending the best part of an hour wondering round and giggling at the silly things that we don’t have at home, heres just a couple of examples for you!


So this is a WHOLE AISLE just for Harbibo!



I think its important to point out here that the bottle of Jaeger on the shelf below is a normal sized bottle, thats how huge the bottles above are! One of them was actually the size of my whole torso!


Worlds biggest can of beer……for 76cents! Also, in my shopping basket, PROSECCO in a CAN!!! This made me very happy!

By the time it dawned on us just how long we had been roaming around the supermarket for we decided we should probably do something worthwhile on our first day, so we went for a wonder. Now i am super lucky enough to have a few German’s in my office, so i had been given a handful of tips from them on what to do while in Berlin. I’d also been told some nice areas to just wonder round in, so thats where we headed for. I’m not sure if we got lost of if this particular area wasn’t that great but once we arrived we realised there wasn’t all that much to see. Thankfully, Simona and her amazing map skills realised we weren’t too far from the Judaism Museum which was one of the things we had wanted to do anyway so we set off for that instead.


As far as museums go, i would say this is probably one of the best ones i’ve been to. It was packed full of really moving extracts but was also really interactive at the same time, so it kept me interested, which is pretty hard to do! The museum had a variety of different exhibitions inside which has been put in place to give you a real hard hitting idea of what it was like for Jew’s during the second world war and after. One of these consisted of hundred’s of metal faces covering the floor which you had to walk over. It was very hard hitting and was designed to clearly make you feel very uncomfortable about the whole thing.










After wondering round for a while, the tiredness set in and we started being a little silly!




We figured it was about time we headed home. Post snacking, napping and getting ready, we set out for our first night on the town. We had planned to head out to the “party area” that we had heard of, however at the station we met three lovely German guys who instead suggested we went to a karaoke bar with them. We thought why not, what better way to see Berlin than with some locals right! So off we went. When we arrived we quickly realized it was most definitely not a touristy place, in fact i think we were probably the only non speaking Germans in there! But we grabbed a table, ordered a huge drink and enjoyed the hilarious show.



Once the drink had set in, we obviously decided to move over to “princess corner” instead and then all agreed we clearly needed to join in with the singing.


I think its for the best that we only did one song and then quickly left!! Our lovely German friends then escorted us to a club where we could have a good old boogie, but didn’t join us. So in we went to dance the night away.




When we realized just how late it was, we decided to call it a night, probably for the best, seeing as i then fell asleep on the train home!




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