Berlin Day Two

After our first crazy night out, not getting home ’till gone 5am, we woke up mid afternoon, well Sim and i did, poor Chloe was rudely awoken by the glorious sunshine pouring in through her un-curtained room at 8am. Not want you want when we only crawled into bed at 5! Determined to make the most of what was left of the day we headed straight out in search of the Jewish War Memorial.


It was pretty easy to spot, so before we started wondering round we decided it was wise to grab some food. We found a cute little spot in the sun and sat down to our second proper German meal. After Simona’s amazing schnitzel yesterday, Chloe opted for that, Simona went for currywurst and i had bratwurst.




Despite its appearance, the food was all actually really good, and just what we needed to keep us going for the day. Once we were fed and watered we headed back to the memorial for a proper look round.





Once we had finished roaming through the huge gray memorial we were all feeling a little saddened, so we went to see something a little prettier and take some selfies at the Brandenburg Gate!




As you can see, it was a little tough trying to get a photo without someone else having theirs taken at the same time! So selfies were then the only option!


With out photo shoot over, we ran over the road to the Reichstag building. The Reichstag is the German equivalent of our houses of parliament, but theirs has a beautiful glass dome at the top which is supposed to give you the most amazing views of Berlin. Whilst queuing we quickly realized that everyone else had slips of paper with them (clearly some sort of booking form) which we did not have. We got to the front of the que and were told this slip of paper was rather important and we couldn’t go in unless we had one. It only took a mere 3hours to obtain said slip of paper so we sadly had to give it a miss, but we took some snaps from the outside instead.





^ Chloe looking really impressed that we couldn’t get in!

So instead we went off in search of some more history and saw our first section of the Berlin Wall. We wandered round for a bit, astounded by the fact that it really wasn’t all that long ago that a simple wall divided this whole city up. Well and truly depressed again about just how awful things must have been back then (not that there that much better now for some people in the world) we went in search of booze and pretty skylines to cheer us up! My German colleague had told me about this great little place called Solar, a skybar/restaurant that offers amazing views of the whole city, and boy did it deliver. Although a little tricky to find (pretty sure we walk through a car park to get to the entrance) and trying to get in through a door that clearly wasn’t the entrance, we made it and it was SO worth it!









^ Chloe was very happy has they had an inside secret little smoking area, on the same floor and everything!


We sat and drank prosecco as the sun went down and the lights came on. The view was amazing. I have a real thing for sky bars/skylines/rooftops so i might be a tad bias but i would say it has to be one of the best bars in Berlin! Then it was time for more food. We found a cute little Italian place right next door to Solar so we popped in there for some pizza and pasta.




The portions were HUGE, so huge that sadly Chloe and I couldn’t quite finish ours, but Sim polished hers off very well! Sim is one of those people that you love but secretly loath! She can eat as much as she wants and of whatever she wants and she will forever be tall slim and beautiful……..Sim, i hate you!

After dinner, we popped back for a quick outfit change and then headed straight out for night number two! We stopped in for a quick drink with a friend of mine from uni, Lex, who now lives in Berlin with his girlfriend. He gave us the lowdown on where was good to go, or more importantly where we were likely to get in. We had heard that most places in Berlin were quite strict with who they let in, and we had heard a couple of horror stories of people that had cued for hours and then been turned away at the door, so the top local tips were much appreciated.


We said a fond farewell to Lex and headed into Chalet, our chosen destination for the evening. This place looked amazing! Outside it had a beautiful garden area, all covered in fairy lights with a huge fire pit in the center. Inside, it was like walking into someones house. It was amazing, corridors and little rooms all lead into one another down stairs. Upstairs it was more of the same, a maze like house with different rooms to chill out in or dance in with the main bar in the center. Sadly it was too dark (and i was too drunk) to really take any decent photos, but trust me, it was amazing!!! Another night of giggles, dancing, drinking and antics before heading home even later than the previous night!




4 thoughts on “Berlin Day Two

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like them. Not all of them are mine, a couple are ones that my lovely friends too while we were there. It really is a great city, would highly recommend it!


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