Surprises and Sushi

It’s a little known fact among my friends that I’m an organizer. I love to plan nights out, birthday’s, pretty much anything! Some may even say I’m a bit of a control freak! I just like to sort things out as i know then, that they have been done properly! However, there are times when i don’t like organizing. It puts a lot of pressure on you for what ever you are planning to be good. And there is nothing worse than having organised something and people then complaining about it! So every now and again, there is nothing i love more than just being told exactly what the plans are. Meet here, at this time, and be dressed for this. So i was just a little bit exciting when Ed sent me a message saying we were going for dinner, be at Vauxhall at 6:30. That was all i knew.

I was so excited all day! Also aided by the fact that i had no idea where on earth we were going! He met me at the station and we took a walk along the river to this little beauty.



Its the coolest little converted Dutch barge which is now permanently moored between Lambeth and Vauxhall bridge. They do food and drink and offer the most amazing views out over the river. The bar is inside surrounded by cute little tables and chairs.


We grabbed a couple of drinks and decided to brave the cold and enjoy the view up on the top deck! The outside of the barge is covered in fairy lights, every girls dream! We all love fairly lights don’t we!






I was in heaven! Sat out looking at the view, sipping my vodka and cranberry. Eventually it got a little cold to be sat outside so we decided to head downstairs instead before setting off for dinner. Ed found his new fave thing!


We finished up our drinks and headed back down the river, with me still in the dark about where we were off to. All of a sudden we turned the corner and the neon lights showed me exactly where we were going.



PopArt Sushi! Ed had told me about this amazing place before, a sushi restaurant come art gallery, with an Italian owner! A right old mix up of stuff. But somehow it all works so well together. If you didn’t know it was here, despite all the neon signs you would struggle to find it as its set back from the main road, but if you do manage it, make sure you stop in! Plus they are part of Taste Card so at the moment they have a great offer on which essentially works out as two for one. So we set about ordering a serious amount of food!

We started with some salty Edamame beans, can’t really go wrong, and a 4 piece portion of California Rolls.


Swiftly followed by a portion of Pop Art Ikura (i hope that’s how you spell it!)



This was by far my fave dish. I’m the biggest fan of salmon anyway, but this was just incredible. A bed of rice topped with salmon caviar ikura and then wrapped in salmon, eye rollingly amazing! However not the easiest things to try and eat! Ed and i were constantly giggling watching each other trying to cram in this huge portion in one as there was no way you could bite it in half!

Next, our fresh tuna and soft shell crab tempura uramaki rolls arrived. 8 portions of each….yeah we really over ordered!



Finally followed by the super Sashimi selection.



By the end of the meal i had a food baby that could have rivaled a 3 month pregnant woman! We were STUFFED. But the food was all so good, it was 100% worth feeling like i was fit to burst! I had to nab a couple of photos of some of the great artwork inside, just to give you an idea of what your in for when you head over, because of course your going to go! Why would you not!?





The cherry on top of the cake……? When we paid the bill they came and brought us both a little Lindor egg each. They sure know the way to my heart!


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