House Party Essentials

This weekend one of my fave people had a little shin dig at her place, everyone had a fab time, drank too much and felt very fragile the next day. So it got me thinking, what exactly do you need to create the perfect house party? Well i compiled a little list for you all, most of which are very self explanatory, but you never know, they might not be things you would have thought of!


1. Music – Depending on where it is that your having your get together may depend on just how big your sound system is, don’t want to upset any neighbors too much! But music, and the right playlist is possibly the most important thing you need. Playing the right kind of music is also essential.


2. Booze – More booze than you can even think to imagine. There is nothing worse than the party being in full swing, past shop opening hours, and realizing your all out. If your hosting its all ways good to have something stashed away too, everyone should bring there own bottle, but having something to offer that poor soul that has run out will go down a storm!


3. Games – I’m not talking board games here, although depending on your night that could be rather entertaining! I’m talking drinking games. Always make sure you have a full deck of cards somewhere, that way your options are endless. Beer pong is also a HUGE favorite among my friend. All you need is a ping pong ball and some plastic ups and your good to go. For those of you that don’t know how to play beer pong………WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? It’s pretty straight forward. Throw the ball in one of the other teams cups and they have to drink it. There are of course a few more rules than that, but you guys can check out this hilarious page if you want to know them all! Also important to point out you don’t have to play it with beer. I’ve never been a beer drinker but i still play, i just use vodka and cranberry instead, slightly dangerous i know, but it does the job! IMPORTANT POINT! If your going to play with vodka, make up one full drink as you usually would and then split this between your cups, DONT try and make a mini drink in each cup, you’ll be drinking waaaaaaay more vodka than you should, you WILL loose!





Ibble Dibble is another great game, and for that all you need is a cork. Now explaining this one is a little tough. Terminology: An IBBLE-DIBBLE is a player wanting to get drunk, A DIBBLE-IBBLE is a mark made on the player using a blackened cork. Sit in a circle and number yourselfs, you need at least 4 people i would say, 5 would be better. So you would be called the following, ibble-dibble one, ibble-dibble two etc etc. At the start of the game no one has any dibble-ibbles (black marks) so you would start as follows “Ibble-dibble one, with no dibble ibbles, to ibble-dibble 3, with no dibble ibbles” Player three then continues the game until someone gets it wrong and is then marked with a dibble-ibble. That person then becomes ibble-dibble (what ever number they are) with one dibble ibble. I realize i may not have explained this all that well! It’s a great game trust me! This site might explain it a little better!





4. Bin Bags + Plastic cups – Everyone hates the clean up the next day, but you will hate it even more if you don’t have any big sturdy bin bags to shove all the mess into. Picking up endless beer cans and shoving them into sainsburry’s bags (with holes at the bottom of them) is NOT what its about! Also plastic cups save you SO much time and worry about things getting broken. Shove them all in the bin in the morning, so no washing up, and no stress of broken glasses.


5. Friends – Now just add the people! With your fave friends your guaranteed to have a great night regardless. Inviting the right number is also key! You don’t want your place getting trashed, and you also need to be aware of how much space you’ve got. You don’t want everyone crammed in. Get the balance right and your set for a truly great night!




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